Paula's shock secret destroys Sophie in Corrie?

Solicitor and Sophie Webster’s (Brooke Vincent) love interest Paula Martin has been on and off our screens since August 2018 when she represented Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) in court in Coronation Street. Paula certainly comes across calming, ready to solve problems as any other solicitor should be but upcoming episodes will see Paula in a bit of trouble herself, which threatens to destroy Sophie and their relationship…

Paula calls in at No.13 stressed and explains to Sophie and Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) that her house has been burgled for a second time.

Over dinner, Sophie quizzes Paula about her two break-ins but she’s keen to change the subject. Sophie invites Paula to stay the night at No.13 and the next day Kevin is left unimpressed to realise Paula stayed over. When Paula explains to Kevin and tells him it was a one-off and she’s actually looking to rent a flat, Sophie announces she wants to move in with Paula. Kevin admits to Sophie that he thinks Paula is too old for her which leaves Sophie offended and tells Kevin that they’re in love and he’d better get used to the idea.

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Kevin voices his concerns to Paula about the age gap but tells her she is welcome to stay at No.13 as she makes Sophie happy. Kevin hurries off but bumps into a passerby who steals his house keys from his pocket. When Kevin’s house is burgled, it later transpires that the burglar is known to Paula and he is in actual fact a criminal who she’s acting against and has been targeting her for a while.

Kevin and Sophie tear a strip off Paula for putting their family in danger and when Paula offers to pack her bags, Sophie agrees its for the best.

But is this the end for Paula and Sophie or will they rekindle their relationship once more? We know Brooke Vincent is due to go on maternity leave soon, so if they do split up, is this the start of Sophie’s exit storyline?


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