Paralympian Stefanie Reid announced for Dancing On Ice 2022 and says 'I can't wait'

PARALYMPIAN Stefanie Reid is the latest star to be announced for Dancing On Ice 2022.

The track and field athlete, 36, confirmed her place on the show on today's Good Morning Britain.

She told Richard Arnold: "It’s a little it scary but I cannot wait."

Stef is no stranger to competitive TV shows having appeared on Celebrity MasterChef in 2018.

She was born in New Zealand to British parents and moved to Toronto when she was four.

While studying biochemistry at Queen's University, she joined the campus track and field team and competed at the World Championships three years later.

Stef lost her right foot in a boating accident when she was 16 years old.

Her life was saved by a surgeon in Toronto who managed to stem the blood flow through amputation.

Yesterday Coronation Street's Sally Dynevor and Happy Mondays star Mark 'Bez' Berry were confirmed for Dancing On Ice.

Sally told Lorraine Kelly: “Now everyone knows I’m doing it I can’t back out can I?! And I’m so scared!”

Asked if she’s skated before, Sally – whose daughter is Bridgeton's Phoebe Dynevor – said: “No never! I went with Hattie [her daughter] when she was little and I had a penguin and then thought this is too hard so I’ll go and get a coffee!”

She added: “This is a massive challenge, Lorraine.

"It really, really is. I’m not getting any younger, I’ve just got to take every opportunity I get so that when I’m old I can say you know what? I gave it a go.”

While Bez said he was like "Bambi on ice".

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