Pandora on The CW: Who is in the cast of Pandora?

Pandora is the new sci-fi action series coming to The CW this summer. The first episode, titled Shelter From The Storm will premiere on Tuesday, July 16. Unfortunately, not much is known yet about the cast and characters of Pandora but here’s everything we know so far.

Who is in the cast of Pandora on The CW?

Jax – Priscilla Quintana

Priscilla Quintana stars as the main character in Pandora, Jax.

Jax is struggling to cope with the loss of her home and has begun training at Earth’s Space Training Academy.

At the academy, she will learn to defend the galaxy from human and alien threats.

Judging by the trailer for the series, which you can watch above, Jax may pose a threat to human life.

Professor Donovan Osborn (played by Noah Huntley) says in a trailer: “She could be responsible for the death of every man, woman and child in existence.“

Pandora is Quintana’s biggest acting role to date with smaller parts in other projects.

She has previously starred in the films Traffik and Polaroid and also appeared as Phoebe in an episode of Lethal Weapon.

Xander Duvall – Oliver Dench

Oliver Dench plays Xander Duvall in the brand new teen series.

Dench is 26-years-old and is best known for playing Sam Warner in the Sky series The Athena.

He has also starred as Will Palmerston in the Nickelodeon series Ride.

Atria Nine – Raehelle Banno

Rising star Raehelle Banno takes on the role of Atria Nine in Pandora.

Banno is an Australian actress, dancer, writer and model but known for playing Olivia Frasher Richards in the soap Home and Away.

She has also starred in the films Exposure, Second Best, Phenomena.

Greg Li – John Harlan Kim

John Harlan Kim takes on the role of Greg Li in Pandora.

Kim is an Australian-Korean actor, best known for playing Dale ‘Macca’ McGregor in the Australian soap, Neighbours.

Other credits include Ezekiel Jones in The Librarians and an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles.

Ralen – Ben Radcliffe

Ben Radcliffe portrays Ralen in Pandora on The CW.

Radcliffe has previously starred in the series Hetty Feather as Robert and Disney’s Iggi in The Evermoor Chronicles.

Other notable credits include the film Cuban Fury where he played the role of Young Bruce and the series Ransom, where he played Henry Cummings.

Other cast members in Pandora on The CW include:

  • Banita Sandhu as Delaney Pilar
  • Martin Bobb-Semple as Thomas James Ross
  • Noah Huntley as Professor Donovan Osborn

Pandora premieres on The CW on Tuesday, July 16

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