Pamela Anderson 'tried to seduce builder friend of her new handyman husband before they hooked up and got married'

NEWLYWED Pamela Anderson tried to seduce a builder friend of her new handyman husband before they hooked up and got married, sources have claimed.

The 53-year-old former Baywatch star announced she had married husband number five Dan, 40, who was hired as part of a team of building contractors to work on her house in an intimate ceremony on Christmas Eve.

Now sources have told The Sun that Dan wasn't the first contractor working on her home Pam had her eyes on.

She apparently tried it on with another building contractor from the same firm "several times" but was "shot down,"insiders claimed.

"Pam tried it on with one of the other contractors quite a few times," a source said.

"But he's married and faithful to his wife – he just wasn't interested.

"He said to her, 'I'm sorry but I'm just not going to do this – I don't want to be that person'.

"He said he wanted to remain her friend, nothing more.

"She got shot down quite a few times.

"Dan knew all about it. It was pretty inappropriate and awkward for everyone.

"That's why it was even more shocking when it came out she was dating Dan."

Another source said: "Pam liked hanging out with the guys working on her house.

"Sometimes she would come down and bring drinks down for all the guys at lunchtime and say, 'Okay guys time to start drinking.'

"She'd bring beers and coolers for everybody and then everyone would be slamming drinks.

"Everyone knew Pam had been trying to get with one of the other contractors but he just turned her down and said, 'Look I don't know what you want from me'.

"He was her contractor and just wanted to keep things professional.

"He was very upfront about that – he didn't used to drink with her so he was always very level headed.

"The she turned her attention to Dan."

It comes as Dan's ex Carey called Pam a "home wrecker" who had split their happy family of five up.

Carey, who had been living with him and bringing up his two children for the past five years, has told how she was blindsided by the affair and knew nothing of their marriage until she read about it online.

She said the pair started getting close early last year — while she and Dan were still together — before he finally moved out of their shared home and into Pam’s in July.

Carey, 42, said: “This is not the lockdown love story which is being portrayed, it’s all a facade.

“I decided to speak out because I want people to know that my almost five-year relationship, with three children involved, ended because of the affair Pam and Dan started while he was still with me.

“It’s sad that people celebrate this and cheer them on, when it started with deceit, denials and life-shattering choices for all the people involved."

Pamela announced she her sixth wedding to her fifth husband in an interview on Wednesday, saying: “I’m exactly where I need to be — in the arms of a man who loves me.”

She told DailyMailTV she had been with Dan a year, adding: “This one year together has felt like seven, like dog years.”

It comes less than a year since her 12-day wedding to film producer Jon Peters – although Pam later claimed on Instagram that they were “never legally married” and it was just a “bizarre theatrical lunch”.

She has also been married to Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee, singer-songwriter Kid Rock and poker player Rick Saloman, who she wed twice.

The Sun reached out to a representative for Pamela for comment.

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