Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen surprises children with new arrival ‘Very big!’

Our Yorkshire Farm: Amanda surprises children with new horse

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In a recent episode of Channel 5’s Our Yorkshire Farm, Amanda Owen surprised her children with a new addition to their farm family. The farm had recently suffered the loss of their pony Little Joe, and everyone on the farm was deeply affected by his death. However, in order to give their other horse, Tony, someone to bond with, and her kids a nice surprise, Amanda decided to surprise them with a pedigree Clydesdale horse.

This Summer, a big change came to the farm after the family recently lost their ageing pony Little Joe and have been looking for a stablemate for Tony.

Amanda had a surprise in store for her children, especially youngest Clemmy, five, Annie, seven, and Sidney, nine.

As they all awaited the arrival, Amanda said: “I think they have sussed what the surprise is today, haven’t you!”

Clemmy excitedly shouted: “I know!” before Annie and Sidney joined her and shouted: “A horse!”

As the horse was unloaded from the van, Clemmy joked: “I don’t think Annie can get on it, it looks quite high!”

Amanda continued: “We’ve thought of a name, haven’t we, Hazel!” picking up Clemmy so she could get a better look at the new member of the family.

“What do you think?” she asked, to which Annie replied: “It’s very big!”

Unlike Tony, the pony, who fit into the back of the families land rover, four-year-old Hazel is a hefty pedigree Clydesdale.

Amanda asked: “What do you think, Clemmy? Is this a bit different to the last pony we bought?”

Clemmy looked at the new horse with excitement and claimed: “I thought it would be a bit smaller!”

Amanda also had another surprise in store for the children when she told them: “Well, it also is in foal!”

Sidney became even more excited at the prospect of the horse giving birth to a baby and exclaimed: “Oh yeah, I want a foal!”

As the children began to pet the new horse, Amanda told them: “What you need to do now is get to know her like you know our horses, don’t you!”

In October, the Owen’s Shetland pony Little Joe sadly passed away at the age of 40, which was aired on an episode of Our Yorkshire Farm.

In emotional scenes, the shepherdess had to go to her kids and deliver the tragic news to them, leaving them devastated.

Little Joe had been a big part of the children’s lives, and so they were understandably upset when they heard that he was no longer with them.

Amanda also wept as two of her daughters, five-year-old Clemmy and four-year-old Nancy, said so long to their equine buddy. 

She assured the kids the animal hadn’t suffered and had instead just got old and died.

After receiving kind messages from viewers who watched the show, she posted a picture of the pony on her Instagram page along with a caption.

“Thank you to all the people who have sent us sweet messages about Little Joe. He had a heart of gold.”

Our Yorkshire Farm is available to stream on My5. 

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