Nicki Minaj Took Jimmy Fallon Ass to Red Lobster (Video)

“Anaconda” rapper tells “Tonight Show” host she was fired from “three or four” of the chain seafood restaurants

Nicki Minaj may have gotten fired from multiple Red Lobsters — “three or four of them” — but she’s not technically banned from the chain seafood restaurant — yet.

On Thursday, Minaj escorted Jimmy Fallon in a pink, stretched Hummer limousine to Red Lobster in New York City’s Times Square. Seated, there was just one thing on her mind.

“You’re paying?” Minaj checks with Fallon.

“I’m definitely getting an Uber, I know that,” he responds.

“But are you paying?” she presses.

Yes, Nicki, he’s paying.

After some Lobsteritas, the two enjoyed some of Red Lobster’s signature Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

“This is handmade by a bunch of African people in the back,” Minaj described them to her date.

The two soon got down to some more serious eating, though neither could actually crack the crustaceans. At one point, Fallon tried to Lady & the Tramp the emcee, but she wasn’t having it.

Finally, at the end, to redeem Minaj’s short-lived Red Lobster career, she and Fallon donned uniforms and served some unsuspecting customers. The “Tonight Show” host basically just ate their biscuits and guzzled their rum and cokes, while the “Bang Bang” rapper ran into a few of her fellow countrymen.

Watch the video above.

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