Netflix fans convinced they’ve spotted blunder in You season two as Joe ‘forgets’ he has camera on secret cage – The Sun

NETFLIX fans are convinced they've spotted a blunder in You season two as Joe Goldberg "forgets" he has a security camera on his secret cage.

The second season saw Joe (Penn Badgley) upset after discovering someone had murdered Delilah in his old cage.

However, super sharp fans have noticed something the supposedly intelligent protagonist didn't: he had a security camera on the cage.

So he could've figured out it was actually Love much quicker.

One person wrote on Twitter: "Ok didn’t joe have a security camera to his cage lol why can’t he check that camera to see who killed Delilah #YouNetflix"

A second added: "@netflix – So you're telling me that not a single security camera exists in all of the first season of You. Not a single one??"

Fans also questioned why there weren't any security cameras on his new murder den – which is located in a storage facility.

One person said: "So if there are cameras on Joes storage why haven’t people been noticing people going in and not coming out. #YouNetflix #YouSeason2"

Another added: "Ok so the no security camera thing on #younetflix is a plot hole but what about Candace’s body?! Many plot holes but it’s still a great show. Super addictive #you #netflix #YOUSEASON2"

Season two saw Joe move to Los Angeles from New York after murdering Beck, who he tricked into being his girlfriend.

Here he meets new girlfriend Love. She turns out to be a serial killer too before becoming pregnant with his baby.

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