Neighbours quiz: How well do you know Erinsborough and its residents?

This year Neighbours celebrates its 35th birthday and had a dramatic week filled with twists and turns in March. There were also plenty of deaths as one villainous character went rogue. has put together a quiz for loyal fans of the soap to see how much they know.

How well do you know the families who have lived on Ramsay over the past 35 years?

The soap first launched back on March 18, 1985 and followed a group of neighbours living in a suburban cul-de-sac in Australia.

The show became a huge hit in the Nineties, competing with rival Home & Away which aired on ITV in a similar time slot.

Neighbours launched the careers of many stars, who went on to conquer Hollywood or the music industry.


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Among the biggest stars on the show were Kylie Minogue, Margot Robbie, Liam Hemsworth and Russell Crowe.

Many actors have graduated onto other shows with Liza Taylor taking the lead in US teen drama The 100 and Dichen Lachman featuring in sci-fi series Altered Carbon.

The soap was also graced by the likes of the musically-gifted Delta Goodrem, Cassie Davis and Sam Clark.

Neighbours resonated with British viewers, who loved the sun-soaked drama from the street.

Some of the most iconic characters included Harold Bishop (played by Ian Smith), who made a shocking return from the grave.

There was also Paul Robinson’s (Stefan Dennis) dalliances with twin sisters, along with other ladies over the years.

Viewers watched Sky Mangle (Stephanie McIntosh) bring a bit of goth to Erinsborough with her alternative look.

Through the years, fans were rocked by Susan Kennedy’s (Jackie Woodburn) marriage to doctor Karl (Alan Fletcher) and his devastating philandering.

Despite their ups and down and his affairs, Ramsay Street’s central couple always came back together.

Soap star Ryan Moloney, who has been on the show for 27 years, recently reflected about the future of the long-running series.

On the loyal fanbase, the actor said: “There is definitely a familiarity which makes viewers feel comfortable knowing that the characters they have followed, are still going to be there the next day, week, month -year!

“And we have such a diverse range of characters that there are elements of their personalities that everyone can identify with.”

He went on to reveal his favourite moment from Neighbours, saying: “When Harold returned for the 30th Anniversary, it was just great to have him back on the Street – and then Madge turned up as a ghost, hard to top that!”

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Since pubs were shut across the nation, people have been missing out their weekly quizzes at their local.

With people remaining on lockdown, here are a list of questions on some of the most iconic characters in the Australian soap from over the years.

So, why not have a go at the quiz above and use the questions below for a video pub quiz to while away lockdown.

Neighbours quiz questions

1) When did Neighbours start airing?

2) Who did Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan play?

3) How many children do Susan and Karl Kennedy have together?

4) Which Neighbours actor has won an Oscar?

5) What is Toadie’s real name?

6) Who was Helen Daniels married to?

7) How did Harold Bishop get amnesia?

8) What’s the name of Karl Kennedy’s daughter with Izzy Hoyland?

9) Who did Holly Valance play in Neighbours?

10) How many times has Paul Robinson been married?

11) Which Coronation Street actor appeared in Neighbours?

12) Which city is the fictional Erinsborough supposed to be in?

13) What was Libby Kennedy’s husband called?

14) Who is the only original cast member left?

15) How did Toadie’s wife Dee die?


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Neighbours quiz answers

1) 1985

2) Charlene and Scott Robinson

3) Three – Libby, Malcolm and Billy

4) Russell Crowe

5) Jarrod Vincenzo Rebecchi

6) Jim Robinson

7) He was swept out to sea and later picked up by a trawler

8) Holly

9) Felicity Scully

10) Six times and his wives are: Terry Inglis (ex-wife; deceased) Gail Robinson (ex-wife) Christina Alessi (ex-wife) Lyn Scully (ex-wife) Rebecca Napier (ex-wife) Terese Willis (wife)

11) Ryan Thomas

12) Melbourne

13) Drew Kirk

14) Paul Robinson

15) She didn’t die

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