NCIS: What happened to Timothy McGee’s wife Delilah in NCIS? Will they get a divorce?

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Unfortunately for NCIS fans, the CBS series had to cut its latest season short as it was unable to film the final few episodes before the lockdown. The final episode was called Arizona and starred Back To The Future actor Christopher Lloyd as a Pearl Harbor survivor. Thankfully, the network has already confirmed there will be a season 18 of NCIS on its way.

Department of Defense and it is through work that she met her future husband Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) at NCIS.
The pair started dating midway through season 10 but Delilah wasn’t actually introduced on the show until series 11.
She became quickly acquainted with the entire NCIS team and it looks like everything is moving in a positive direction for the couple.
This is until season 11, episode 12’s Kill Chain when Delilah’s life is changed forever.


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What happened to Tim McGee’s wife Delilah in NCIS?

A gala had been thrown in Delilah’s honour for her counter-terrorism work and both her and McGee attend the evening.
However, terrorist Benham Parsa (Karan Oberoi) thinks this is the perfect opportunity for his next target.
As McGee receives a call from Agent Tony Dinozzo (Michael Weatherly), the agent steps outside of the gala.
But as he does so, a bomb goes off and Delilah is seriously injured when a piece of shrapnel lodges into her spine.
This leaves her with a permanent spinal injury which paralyzes both of her legs.
For the rest of her life, Delilah is forced to use a wheelchair but this doesn’t get her down for long.

Delilah continues to work at the Department for Defense following the explosion, working at times alongside NCIS.
Her relationship with McGee also continues to blossom and in series 14’s Something Blue, the pair get married.
In the same episode, they find out she was pregnant and had twins John and Morgan.
However, fast forward to the latest season and it does seem like their relationship is now on the rocks.

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Will McGee and Delilah get a divorce?

Delilah wasn’t featured too heavily in the latest series of NCIS but in Welcome to the Dollhouse, as the team is having a spring clean, she decides to donate some of McGee’s items.
Fans have since been concerned they could soon be getting a divorce as tension continues to rise between the couple.
Things clearly haven’t been right for quite some time now and the end of their relationship could be pending.
So far, there has been no confirmation of the couple splitting up but there was meant to be an episode dedicated to McGee and Delilah this series.


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Opening up in an interview with TV Insider, NCIS executive producer Frank Cardea talked about how there was a script written especially for McGee and Delilah.
But due to the ongoing worldwide circumstances, the show was unable to film this episode.
When writer Gina Monreal said Cardea created the character of McGee, he said: “My former partner, George Schenck, and I, our first episode was episode seven of season one, and that was the introduction of Timothy McGee.
“It’s unfortunate, one of the episodes we didn’t get to shoot was a McGee-Delilah episode, so that’ll be shot early on next year.”
Could it be the end of McGee and Deliah in NCIS season 18?
NCIS season 17 is available to watch on CBS.

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