NCIS Season 20 Ends With a Killer, Unsettling Face-Off — Grade the Finale

The following contains spoilers from Monday night’s NCIS Season 20 finale.

NCIS with its finale continued Season 20’s intermittent storyline arc involving Russian moles, by sending Torres undercover in prison (as “Manny Delgado”) to sniff around for intel from incarcerated Yuri Valkov.

There were a few scares — word quickly got to Yuri that a “rat” was among his ranks, though Torres did a good job of throwing the Russki off his scent — and at least one solid surprise (Yuri was shivved to death by an inmate pal acting on his father Kostya Valkov’s behalf, but the culmination of Daddy Valkov’s grand plan was pretty much just a brief, widespread blackout.

What the finale was really about, arguably, was Nick recognizing an older man who visited an 18-year-old inmate he had become friendly with. “Manny” asked the inmate about his visitor, and the kid said that it was his mom’s no-good boyfriend. That their life “went to hell” after this guy entered it.

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Once the undercover op was over and Nick was back at NCIS, he sneaked off to make a phone call, leaving a message that said, “I found him, sis…. The bastard’s alive. And he’s still doing it” (meaning what, abuse?).

Then at episode’s end, as the rest of the team split off to celebrate their latest win in assorted ways, we saw Nick lying in wait inside the home of the man who had visited the young inmate. When the man arrived home and was started by the uninvited guest, it took him a moment, but he remembered “Nicky.”

And what does grown-up Nicky want after all these years? Picking up a pistol from the table near him, he told the man, “to watch you die.”

What did you think of the NCIS finale, and what do you think Torres will actually do next? Will Season 21 open up with that same scene, or will we get an “X MONTHS LATER” and be left to wonder — especially if that guy is found dead?

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