‘Mum wanted true love – instead she was murdered by man who had killed before’

Devoted mum-of-six Janet Scott was like most people and just wanted her own happy ending.

The 51-year-old from Nottingham was known as a hopeless romantic by her children.

Heartbreakingly, her quest to find Mr Right ended with her brutal murder at the hands of a man who had killed before.

Her devastaed children tell Janet's harrowing story in new Channel 5 documentary, Released To Kill Again.

Her daughter, Amy, said: "My mum had been married four times but she was looking for that fairytale true love – she had struggled to find it."

Janet's other daughter, Hannah, added: "She always wanted someone she could just be with, someone who loved her for her."

Janet should have been safe but Simon Mellors had been released 12 years into a 14 year sentence after he killed his ex-partner, Pearl Black in 1999.

Mellors and Pearl had been a couple for 10 years and had one child together.

But when she made the decision to end their relationship, Mellors could accept it.

In a rage he hit Pearl over the head with an iron bar and then made sure she was dead by strangling her with bin liner cords.

Chillingly, he then removed the handle of the door from the room where her body was to prevent his child finding her and went on the run.

He was arrested two days later and served 12 years behind bars.

When Janet, who had been married four times, first met Mellors in 2017 she had no clue about his sinsiter past.

In fact, he told her he had been travelling for the last 12 years and owned two villas in Spain.

After meeting Mellors while she had been on a night out with friends, Janet spent a few weeks dating Mellors.

But six weeks into their romance, as things were bcoming increasingly serious, Mellors dropped a bombshell.

He admitted he hadn't been travelling as he had claimed but had been in prison after being convicted of killing his former partner.

Janet was distraught – especially as she had already started to fall for the killer.

Mellors insisted he had suffered a mental breakdown and that had lead to the murder.

Worried about her mum, Amy arranged a meeting with the probation service with Janet, herself and Mellors.

She said: "I asked if he was going to do it again and the probation officer said 'I don't think so'."

Janet's fears were dealt with – but her children were still extremely concerned, especially when Mellors started to display increasingly controlling behaviour.

Hannah said: "It felt like it wasn't mum's house any more, it felt like it was his.

"He moved everything round, even things in the kitchen cupboards, so it was exactly as he liked it."

Amy added: "He made her fall for him. He would control what she bought in the food shop, how much she would spend in Primark and how often she would go for a drink with her friends.

"Also, how often we were round and if she was going out to see us.

"She was totally trapped and he had her exactly where he wanted her."

But it was the first Christmas that Mellors spent with Janet and her family that proved to be the final straw.

Hannah said: "We were playing a board game and either mum or I won and he went mental because he had lost.

"Mum didn't tell me but she knew at that point that that was it."

Janet told Mellors she simply wanted to be friends but he refused to accept the relationship was over.

He started to follow Janet in a terrifying stalking campaign and was messaging her to let her know what he was doing.

She wanted nothing more to do with him and even reported him to the probation service but still he wouldn't stop.

On January 29, 2018, Mellors drove to Janet's house and parked outside.

He sat in his car and waited while Janet slept over her overnight shift in a supermarket.

Then he let himself into her home with his key carrying a knife he had brought from home and walked into the room Janet was sleeping in.

He stabbed her once in the chest and again in the stomach.

Janet desperately tried to flee and her bedroom was smeared with her blood as she tried to fight off her attacker.

Mellors dragged her downstairs and made her get into his car.

As he approached Nottingham city centre, Janet saw a traffic warden and made a run for it – badly injured – out of the moving car.

The traffic warden was frantically trying to stem her blood flow when Mellors drove at the pair at high speed.

Janet's Good Samaritan was thrown 15 metres into the air and suffered horrifying back injuries.

But Janet was crushed between the car and a brick wall.

Daughter Amy said: "We walked onto the street and there was some guy wahsing blood off the wall and the road, into the drain.

"To see my mum's bloody being washed away as if it was graffiti or dirt broke us even more.

"She had to be identified with dental reocrds and DNA because she didn't have a face any more because of what he did – her whole torso was gone."

Two days later Mellors was arrested on suspcion of Janet's murder and the attempted murder of the traffic warden.

But even after he was locked up, the killer refused to allow her family justice.

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