Money Heist season 5 ending explained: What did the note from the Professor say?

Money Heist: Netflix release teaser for Part 5 Volume 2

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Money Heist, or La Casa de Papel, may have come to an end with the release of season five, volume two on Netflix, but fans are still pouring through the details. One detail is The Professor’s (played by Alvaro Morte) note to Rafael (played by Patrick Criado). Fans have been keen to find out exactly what it says – find out here.

Warning: This story contains major spoilers for the season five finale.

What did The Professor’s note say?

The final episode of Money Heist packs in a lot, with multiple subplots all coming together for an intense final hour.

So much happens so quickly, some of the details passed viewers by, with one potentially crucial one concerning the note.

It is first revealed when Sierra (Najwa Nimri) heads out of the city to the plot where the gold is, only to be surrounded by Tatiana.

Joined by Rafael, Tatiana (Diana Gomez) and Sierra face-off surrounded by their individual teams.

It looks to be a stalemate at first, one that would see either side lose in a violent gun battle.

That is until Sierra tells Rafael that she has a note to give him, one that The Professor told her to share.

Of course, Rafael is The Professor’s nephew, something that is already testing his loyalty.

The contents of the note are never fully revealed, but it is known that it informs Rafael that some of the gold would be going to him. 

Essentially, the note was a deal that would mean a portion of the gold would go to Berlin’s (Pedro Alonso) son.

The Professor did this because he believed it was the right thing to do and the perfect way to honour the memory of his brother, Berlin.

Ultimately, it was a bet to see if Rafael would switch sides and aid the team in getting away with the gold once and for all.

As fans will know, the bet paid off and the group took off with the gold to freedom.

To do this, The Professor also struck a deal with Tamayo (Fernando Cayo), telling him that if he faked the team’s deaths and allowed them to escape, he would be considered a hero.

The bargain was based on The Professor returning the gold, only for the police to discover it was actually all fake.

It was brass that had been spray-painted to look like the real thing, proving The Professor’s ultimate point.

This was that the financial system’s government’s values are simply based on imagined value and that the weight of gold itself is worth nothing more than any other metal.

The brass was accepted, with the truth being buried as a government secret for the rest of the world to never discover.

As The Professor informs Palermo earlier, he explains: “What’s a county’s gold?”

Palermo replies: “It’s wealth?” 

The Professor adds: “No. It’s an illusion. It’s totally useless. It’s a psychological backup.”

Money Heist seasons 1-5 are available to watch exclusively on Netflix.

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