Moira puts her foot down with angry Cain in Emmerdale amid his pain over Kyle

There was a shock for Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) in tonight’s Emmerdale when he was told he won’t be able to see Kyle (Huey Quinn) until after the plea hearing.

Kyle is currently in a secure unit after confessing to killing Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) – a move which was encouraged by Caleb (William Ash) as the best way to get Cain out of prison and to try to help Kyle. What’s less clear currently is whether Caleb is acting out of the goodness of his heart or whether he has a hidden agenda.

In a meeting with Caleb’s lawyer (Harry Long), Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson), Moira (Natalie J. Robb) and Cain heard that the legal team were hopeful that Kyle would walk free after the hearing.

The evidence would be based on the gun used being licensed for use at the farm and the blood spatter showing it had been fired accidentally, plus character witness statements from Kyle’s teachers and local vicar Charles (Kevin Mathurin).

The crucial piece of evidence would be Cain’s testimony which would make the case that Kyle had acted out of fear for his father’s life. And because he’s the key witness, the lawyer said, Cain wouldn’t be able to see Kyle or go to the plea hearing.

Cain was furious about this, arguing that Kyle needed to see him. The lawyer told him, somewhat sarcastically, ‘I understood Mr Dingle was very familiar with the legal process due to his multiple convictions.’ Ouch.

Already smarting from having to accept Caleb’s help in the first place, this was the final straw for Cain and he told Moira he wanted to take control of the situation. ‘Why are we accepting his charity?’ he said of his brother. He suggested postponing the hearing until he could instruct a new solicitor himself.

Moira was having none of this. ‘The longer you delay the longer Kyle is locked up,’ she pointed out.

Cain reiterated that he doesn’t trust Caleb’s motives, saying that he was the reason that Kyle was currently locked up. Again Moira wasn’t impressed by his argument, telling him that he’s the reason Kyle got into the whole mess in the first place. Good point well made.

‘Just forget your stupid pride for once in your life and get your priorities in order,’ Moira told her husband.

Can Cain swallow his pride for his son’s sake?

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