Michael J Fox left Christopher Lloyd worried over Back to the Future

Back to the Future cast visit Back to the Future musical

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Today, Christopher Lloyd is gracing Channel 4 TV screens at 3:45pm in The Addams Family. The spooky family movie hit cinemas six years after Lloyd starred in Back to the Future alongside Michael J Fox. But the Marty McFly actor was not the first choice for the role. In fact, Back to the Future was originally going to star American actor Eric Stoltz.

Stoltz was best known for his small part in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, but Spielberg and director Robert Zemeckis had faith in the young actor.

However, after shooting a handful of scenes on location for Back to the Future, they changed their minds just six weeks into production. They later confirmed they were looking for “somebody with a comic flair”.

They believed Fox, who had a leading role in the TV show Family Ties at the time, would be a better fit for the movie.

When Doctor Emmett Brown star Lloyd learned of Stoltz’s replacement, however, he was filled with dread.

Lloyd said in a new interview that he was left worrying about the filming he had already finished for the movie.

He recalled: “My biggest fear was that, because I was really working to get Doc right, I thought: ‘I don’t know if I can get it up to do [all the scenes over] again.'”

The actor confessed he was “so worried” about the change in the movie.

Ultimately, however, he conceded: “It all worked out.”

After Fox joined the movie, Lloyd had nothing but positive things to say about Stoltz.


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Lloyd called Stoltz “a wonderful actor”, and noted that he “had no idea the change was coming”.

The star revealed he, and the rest of the film’s cast and crew, were told the news about Stoltz’s exit late at night while on set.

“One night we were shooting the mall beginning sequence,” he remembered. “And we were asked to come to one of the trailers at one o’clock in the morning.”

He said executive producer Steven Spielberg attended the shoot to “make the announcement of the actor change”.

Lloyd later gushed about working with Fox, who he teamed up with two more times in the years that followed. The pair played their cinematic heroes in Back to the Future Part II and Back to the Future Part III.

He said: “Michael, we had a chemistry which lasted the whole time. We could come back after the break and it would just be there.”

Lloyd has feasted off of the success of Back to the Future ever since the trilogy was brought to an end. And he has noted how grateful he is about the film series’ success.

Lloyd said nothing else he has ever acted in “had that kind of impact”.

He said: “Kids who saw it when the film first came out, grew up and had kids who they began their lives with it. So many people have come up to me to say how I’ve made their childhood, or the film made their childhood, or they became engineers or scientists or surgeons or whatever from the effect of the film on them.”

Meanwhile, Stoltz has never spoken publicly about being axed from Back to the Future.

Back to the Future is available to rent on Amazon Prime Video now.


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