Mama June’s daughter Honey Boo Boo, 15, called 'immature' as teen runs away from doctor before being tested for diabetes

MAMA June's daughter Honey Boo Boo was called "immature" as the teen ran away from the doctor.

The 15-year-old was pressured into getting tested for diabetes during Friday's episode of Mama June: Road to Redemption.

Following multiple conversation in which the family told Honey Boo Boo- whose real name is Alana Thompson- that she should get tested, her older sister Pumpkin, 21, and husband Josh, 24, took matters into their own hands as they tricked the teen into visiting a doctor.

Josh and Alana went for a car ride, while the teen was shocked to learn that they her brother-in-law had driven her to a doctor's office.

As the pair began to walk into the office, Alana attempted to escape by running away.

However, Josh was prepared to catch Alana and caught her before she could get away.

As the scene was airing, a number of viewers took to Twitter to call Alana "immature" for running away.

One person wrote: "Alana is slightly immature for this running away stuff, like diabetes is serious."

Another added: "Alana is too old to be acting like that."

A third chimed in: "Alana got too much mouth to run at the sight of a doctors office."

Others found humor in Alana's attempted escape, as one person simply shared a gif of Forrest Gump running as they wrote: "Alana."

Earlier in the episode, the teen explained she was hesitant for test results as her family feared she already has diabetes.

She called June, 41, to complain about her other family members "worrying about me having diabetes."

Alana was recently informed that her father Sugar Bear has diabetes, while he expressed his concern that she might also have the disease.

June replied: "You need to worry about it because your father has it, Nana had it. The whole side of the family on Nana's side has it."

Alana angrily responded: "I get that, but I don't have it."

The Mama June: From Not to Hot star argued that Alana doesn't know if she has diabetes since she hasn't visited a doctor to be tested.

The teen said in a confessional: "I know I should probably eat a little bit better. I don't have to go to a doctor and step on a scale for him to tell me that. I already know that."

After June explained to Alana that she ignored her health concerns with her eyes and now she's partially blind, the mother said in a confessional: "I spent most of my life anyway I want, do what I want to."

She then listed a number of her health problems before continuing: "It's one health problem after another and I don't want Alana at the age of 40 to realize, 'Hey, I got all these problems."'

June then told her youngest daughter: "It doesn't hurt to have a doctor draw your blood and run tests. It's really easy."

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