Love Island’s Joanna roasts Amber over ‘dead ting’ insult in brutal row

Tonight’s Love Island is going to be hotter than ever as ITV bosses let Joanna Chimonides and Amber Gill have it out during a brutal showdown.

In yesterday’s episode, fans couldn’t take their eyes off their TV screens as all hell broke loose following the Casa Amor drama.

For the past three days and nights, the original cast had been separated into two villas as six new girls and six new boys entered to stir up trouble.

But during an explosive recoupling, Amber’s partner Michael Griffiths decided to ditch the 21-year-old for “dead ting” Joanna. 


Things got worse as Amber bitterly described Joanna as a “dead ting”, with the harsh insult meaning “ugly” getting back to the babe.

With both of their feelings hurt, the pair leave the villa tonight to sit down and have a cup of tea together to sort things out in private – well, with the cameras still rolling, of course.

Joanna eventually initiates a conversation after the pair sits in silence for a while, saying: “I’m going to be the bigger person…”

Amber responds: “The bigger person? What have I done?”

Joanna replies by pleading with Amber to avoid having tension in the villa.

She says: “I don’t want there to be tension in the villa. I know that we’re not going to be the best of friends.

“This is the perfect opportunity to have it out and then we’ll squash it and be on good-ish terms in the villa.”

But seconds later the pair erupt into a brutal showdown after Joanna brings up Amber calling her a “dead ting”.

“ You were rude about it and called me a ‘dead ting’”

Joanna Chimonides

It begins by Amber having a pop at Joanna for not approaching her after the recoupling but the new girl fights her corner and reminds Amber that she did try to say hi but was ignored.

Joanna then hits back: “I did try and say hi, then you were rude about it and called me a ‘dead ting’. 

“So you comment on a girl’s looks just because she didn’t say hi to you?” 

Unsure what to say, an awkward Amber bites her lip in silence.

Will the pair make up? Or are they headed for war?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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