Love Island's Eve will SWAP with twin Jess after being dumped from the villa, claims fans

LOVE Island's Eve Gale will SWAP with twin sister Jess after being dumped from the villa, fans have claimed.

The identical siblings were left devastated last night after Eve failed to be chosen by any of the boys during the first recoupling of the series.

After a tearful goodbye, Eve pulled her suitcase out of the villa, leaving her sobbing twin behind.

However, viewers think the two sisters could play a prank on their fellow Islanders and swap, so that Eve is the one who stays after all.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "imagine if eve and jess played a prank and eve is actually still there and jess went home… nobody would know."

A fellow viewer thought the same, tweeting: "imagine if the twins swapped identities at the end of that re coupling and Eve stayed in the villa instead of Jess ?????"

They weren't alone with their theory, as a third wrote: "Plot twist… Jess tells eve to stay instead and pretend to be her, who’d notice? #LoveIsland."

Earlier today, it was claimed the twins had a "secret showdown" before Eve's departure.

Unknown to viewers, Eve and her sister had an off-camera chat ahead of the ceremony where they discussed what their next move would be if one of them had to leave.

The Daily Star have reported that Eve confirmed the conversation took place, where they agreed that the other sister would stay on no matter what.

She added to the publication: "It's heartbreaking to leave her in there.

"Jess and I are rarely apart. We live together and work together.

"We do so much together so when we are apart or can't contact each other it feels weird, I am going to miss her so much."

Fans previously admitted that they found the sisters' split upsetting to watch, with Eve turning to the rest of the Islanders to tell them: "Look after my sister for me" before she made her exit.

Viewers were also shown the pair's emotional goodbye before Eve packed her suitcase.

In the clip, Jess sobbed as she said: "What am I going to do, Eve? I'm going to try it, are you okay with that?"

Eve replied between tears: "Of course, you know I want you to try, I wouldn't let you walk away with me.

"You've got to try it, you've got to see, you can't let me hold you back."

Speaking in the Beach Hut afterwards, Jess was inconsolable as she cried: "I feel like nobody understands unless they're a twin themselves.

"It's not just a friend or a sister, it's so strong. My whole experience is going to be so different without her and I am going to be thinking about her the whole time."

Love Island continues tomorrow night at 9pm on ITV2 while Unseen Bits airs tonight at 9pm.

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