Love Island’s Curtis and Tommy distracted by two intruders having sex in villa

Tommy Fury and Curtis Pritchard were distracted by two lizards having sex on tonight's Love Island .

The professional ballroom dancer was preoccupied with something going on in the background during a sensitive chat about his doomed relationship with Amy Hart.

As Curtis leaned to one side, confused Tommy asked: "Curtis, all I want to know is…what are you looking at?"

Pointing forwards, grinning Curtis replied: "Two lizards mating."

Suddenly two green lizards popped up on our screens while they were making love.

In a heartwarming moment, Tommy told Curtis to "leave them to it" as they were "making children".

It was apparent that Curtis was more interested in lizards mating than his own troubled relationship.

Love Island fans went crazy for lizards – with many admitting they want the pair to win the entire series.

Others suggested that there was more chemistry between the reptiles than any of the Islanders.

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Taking to Twitter , one viewer said: "Guess those lizards are part of the 'do bits society'"

"Curtis wondering why lizards are getting more action than he is," added another.

A third said: "Is there anyway I can vote for the lizards to win"

"It’s clear to see that Curtis doesn’t feel the same about Amy. He’s more concerned about two lizards shagging FFS," said a fourth.

After getting over the lizard drama, Tommy then gave Curtis some words of wisdom before his chat with Amy.

The boxer said: "At the end of the day bro you slipped up. You didn't even slip up. You slipped up on the recoupling bit.

"You need to make sure she is what you want. These little things need ironing out. You need to tell her how it feels from here [heart].

"If that doesn't work I'll eat hay with a donkey."

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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