Love Island’s Connor Durman apologises to Sophie Piper for ‘racist’ comment to his ex as they get serious outside villa – The Sun

LOVE Island’s Connor Durman has apologised to Sophie Piper for his 'racist' comments to his ex.

The coffee bean salesman, 25, was accused of sending offensive messages to a girlfriend after she told him she'd bedded someone after their split.

Now the reality star has admitted he "messed up" in a heartfelt chat with Sophie – who has accepted his apology.

A source close to the pair exclusively revealed to The Sun Online: "He explained himself and was genuinely sorry, as it was said in anger over his relationship breaking down.

"If he's honest he was bitter at the time and it was in the heat of the moment. Sophie believes him and won't punish him for his past."

Connor and Sophie coupled up in the villa on day one, and he managed to stay Sophie when Connagh G tried to woo her away.

But during his stint in South Africa, the former roofer had been branded controlling by fans for his behaviour towards Rochelle Humes' sister.

The pair, who have been spending almost every day together since Sophie left the ITV2 show, addressed the backlash in a heart to heart.

The insider said: "Connor and Sophie have spent so much time together since leaving the villa and things are going from strength to strength between them. She was surprised by the public's attitude towards him as she didn't see it that way, she just thought he was sensitive. She is a strong woman who isn't afraid to push back.

"She's already met his friends and he wants her to meet his family soon."

They added: "They want to start getting to know each other properly and concentrate on building something strong outside the villa."

Connor was with his ex-girlfriend Stevie-Leigh for three years and they lived together in Sydney.

In texts seen by The Sun he brands Stevie having sex with black men as “rank” and labels the make-up artist, 22, a “slut” and a “slag” for sleeping with them.

Connor is a Brighton lad and a coffee bean salesman who had just returned from four years Down Under when he entered the show.

During his time abroad he worked as a cheeky naked waiter in Sydney.

He said his time in Australia made him grow up: "(I did) everything myself, I’ve got so many new and different life experiences.

"I’ve had two big relationships, one good, one bad. I think I’ve gone through a lot. I’m mature now and I know what I want".




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