Love Islanders devastated as they’re forced to pick which couple to dump as one original boy leaves the island – The Sun

THE Islanders are devastated as they're forced to pick which couple to dump from the villa in tonight's episode of the show.

One of the last remaining original boys will be leaving the show after they both failed to secure enough public votes.

Callum and Molly and Mike and Priscilla were left awaiting their fate at the end of last night's show, with the other contestants told that they must vote for which one to save.

In tonight's first look, the islanders can be seen struggling with the decision, with Demi telling her partner Luke M: "It's hard because I am closer to Molly, but then at the same time I feel like Mike and Priscilla are stronger.

"I don't know what to do."

Jess has a different sentiment, telling Ched: "Molly and Callum are strong, they like each other a lot."

Siannise is seen telling Luke T: "Me and you questioned Mike and Priscilla, but I feel like we have seen them get a lot closer."

Meanwhile, Paige admits to boyfriend Finn that she is struggling to choose between them as she started the show with them both.

She explains: "I started my journey with both Callum and Mike, oh my god."

Mike and Callum are the last two original boys standing in the series' final week, with all of the other boys bombshell arrivals.

Paige, Siannise, and Jess are the last original female Islanders in the competition, although technically Jess and her twin sister Eve counted as bombshells as they entered the villa a couple of hours after the rest of the gang.

Viewers will have to tune in tonight to find out whether Mike and Priscilla or Callum and Molly get dumped – and narrowly miss out on this Sunday's grand finale.

Elsewhere in the first look trailer, the couple's final dates are kicked off with Paige and Finn being treated to a romantic boat ride.

On a picnic afterwards, Finn tells the Scottish beauty: "I do honestly think you're amazing, I'm genuinely so excited to see where this goes on the outside."

Ched and Jess are treated to a fire pit date – which is thankfully a much happier experience than the fire pit used in the villa during dumpings.

In the night-time outing, Jess tells her partner: "I'm going to be gutted if [her twin] Eve doesn't like you, she's going to be at the airport with a list of questions."

Ched confidently replies: "I've got all the answers."

Last night, Natalia and Jamie were dumped from the villa after landing the fewest public votes from viewers at home.

Five couples had become vulnerable after their fellow islanders branded them the "least compatible", with Siannise and Luke T and Paige and Finn the only ones safe.

Yesterday, Luke M and Demi and Jess and Ched were told that they had been saved, while Mike and Priscilla and Callum and Molly awaited the other contestants' decision.


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