Love Island: What is it really like in the villa? Ex Islander reveals all

Love Island hits our screens nightly on ITV2 and is crammed full of drama in each hour-long instalment. But what is it like for the contestants appearing on the show? Danny Williams and Jourdan Riane spoke exclusively to about what it is really like in the villa and how they interact with the producers.

What is it really like in the Love Island villa?

Viewers of Love Island 2019 will be used to seeing shock dumpings and recouplings in episodes of the reality show.

Airing every weeknight and Sundays on ITV2, the show catches up on the previous day of lives of the singletons looking for love.

But many viewers have wondered how much interaction there is in the show with the ITV producers during filming.

Ex-Islanders Danny Williams and Jourdan Riane have opened up on the process of making the reality show.

Danny said: “[There is] really good interaction with producers. The first thing I just want to get it on record the producers are absolutely incredible.

“We just go in there and be ourselves – they make the show, they’re incredible people who work tirelessly.”

“I’m genuinely going to miss them,” Jourdan added about the show’s producer staff.


According to Danny, the producers come into the villa as often as once an hour to speak to the contestants and see how they are.

He said: “We have three or four villa producers come in every hour at least and come in and check.

“They take us out and have a chat and make sure we’re all okay and ask us how we’re feeling and prompt us on how we feel and that kind of thing.

“So there’s a lot of interaction with the producers to make sure that we’re getting our feelings across.”


Jourdan added that aside from helping to get across how they’re feeling, they are also there to check that they’re okay.

She said: “Because it’s such a heightened experience, they take it seriously to make sure we’re okay.”

Danny added: “There’s lots of options to see psychologists and therapists and that kind of stuff all the time so you can always open up off-camera if you want.”

Ahead of this year’s series, ITV announced that it had enhanced its duty of care process for the contestants of the show.

During filming, it was announced that a psychological consultant will be used throughout the series as well as there being a welfare team solely dedicated to the Islanders during filming.

After the cast members have left the show, ITV also announced that they will be supported for a period of up to 14 months.


Danny and Jourdan were dumped from the Island last week in a shock double dumping with Lucie Donlan and George Rains.

Since then, their relationship has been going strong with Jourdan even admitting that Danny has met her family.

She said: “[They] loved him. It literally was like I could have left him with them and been like see you later and gone on a night out and he would have been absolutely fine.”

“I passed with flying colours,” Danny added to Jourdan’s story.

The pair were appearing at a special Love Island screening taking place at Boxpark Wembley for fans of the show.

The spot is running screenings of the reality show every night, including a special screening each Thursday with ex-Islanders giving their insight on the villa happenings.

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.

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