Love Island viewers go wild as Hugo and Sharon perform sex positions in X-rated unseen dare

LOVE Island viewers went wild tonight as Hugo Hammond and Sharon Gaffka took part in a very X-rated unseen dare.

They were tasked with recreating their favourite sex positions in front of their fellow islanders.

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Wasting no time Sharon bounced on top of Hugo in the reverse cowgirl position while the teacher then returned the favour with a bit of doggy style.

Afterwardshe apologised to his mum for his naughty antics and admitted he hadn't expected his first night to be so full on.

Viewers loved it, with one writing on Twitter: "These unseen dares are wicked!!!"

Meanwhile Faye Winter had fans in hysterics as she had a major pronunciation fail.

The estate agent was chatting to the girls around the fire pit when she struggled saying the word imminent.

Discussing how long she thought it would be before the new couples would kiss, Faye said: "I think it will be days. I think it will be inament [sic]."

Kaz and Shannon looked at her with confused faces and asked if she meant "in a minute".

But Faye returned their looks and said "no", before repeating her mistake.

She insisted it was the right word and clarified that she meant "any minute".

Shannon then said "imminent", with Faye insisting that's what she'd said all along.

Eventually realising her error, she said she was worried she appeared thick, prompting the girls to reassure her she wasn't.

Viewers couldn't believe it, with one writing on Twitter: "Does she mean imminent? Looking down her nose at the other girls when she isn't saying it properly herself."

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