Love Island reveals one girl will be booted from the villa tonight in shock dumping – The Sun

ONE girl will be booted from the Love Island villa tonight as Danny Williams predicts his decision will decide who goes.

In a sneak peak inside the villa on tonight's Aftersun, Maura received a text informing the islanders of the shock dumping.

She said: "The boys will choose and the girl not picked will be dumped from the island."

Stunned Anton raised his hands to his head and said: "F**k sake man."

In the beach hut, Danny, who's been part of a love triangle with new girl Arabella and Yewande, explained: "I've got to make a decision. I've got to disappoint one girl. Whoever I don't couple up with has to leave tonight."

Last night Arabella picked Danny in a sexy gym bunny challenge before Yewande threatened to leave the villa over their love triangle.

The 28-year-old bombshell has rocked the pair's relationship since entering the villa last week, and the trio had an "explosive showdown" last night.

As single girls, Arabella and Maura were free to choose any of the men to be their personal trainer – with Maura opting for fellow singleton Tom Walker while Arabella threw caution to the wind and selected Danny.

Speaking in the Beach Hut, the other girls took issue with the newcomer's decision, with Amy Hart asking: "Could she not have just chosen Anton?" and Amber Gill sniping: "We all knew that Arabella was going to pick Danny."

Yewande said: "After the end of the course, I just tried not to look at Danny. It was really awkward."

The next morning, Anna Vakali asked Yewande how she is feeling, with the star replying: "I don't really want to be here any more, I feel I am not going to find love here."

Crying in the Beach Hut, she continued: "I just need time to really think about what's going on and then I can decide on what I want to do."

Despite the upset, Arabella told Danny that she'd want him to end things with Yewande "in an ideal world".

The supermodel asked: "I think you need to make a decision. If she comes down today and starts fighting for you, what are you going to do?

"Are you going to ignore the fact that there is a connection with us?

"Do you want to patch things up with her romantically?"

Danny asked what she would want him to do, to which Arabella replied: "I want to pursue things with you."

He clarified: "You want me to say to Yewande 'this isn’t happening'?"

Pulling no punches, she said: "Yes, in an ideal world."

Yewande previously came under fire for refusing to show affection towards Danny ever since they coupled up earlier in the series.

The hopeful's fellow Islanders called her out on her hot and cold behaviour, telling her that she needed to step up her game if she wanted to keep the hunk's attention.

Danny previously spoke out about his insecurity within the relationship, poignantly saying of Yewande: "Why come on Love Island if you don't want to be loved?"

Arabella's arrival has spurned Yewande on to try and be more affectionate with her beau, raising eyebrows on Friday when she made a point of sitting on Danny's chest while he was sunbathing.

She also stopped wearing her eye mask in bed, involving herself with some late night snogging instead.

However, Danny was seen admitting that he believed Yewande could switch back at a moment's notice, refusing to rule Arabella out as a potential love interest.

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