Love Island fans rip into ‘toxic and rude’ Michael for his behaviour towards Amber

Love Island fans have slammed Michael Griffiths’ “manipulative behaviour” towards former flame Amber Gill. 

The Liverpudlian firefighter was originally coupled up with the Geordie beauty therapist, with the duo a frontrunner to win the show. 

However, their romance was cut short after Michael decided to snub Amber in favour of new arrival Joanna Chimonides. 

Following his recent behaviour towards Amber, which has seen him chip away at her once-confident self, fans are claiming Michael is “gaslighting” her. 

Gaslighting is the act of manipulating someone into doubting their own sanity.

His attitude has been questioned by viewers, with many branding him “rude and toxic” for continuing to lay into Amber behind her back. 

One user put: “I just need Amber to realise Michael is a toxic little s**t so she can move on.”

“After Michael saw the tweet about him being ‘whipped’ by Amber, he changed. The things that challenged him, that he said he found sexy, were now a problem. He belittled her, dumped her, blamed her for it, and she believed it. It’s manipulative and about power and domination,” a second fumed. 

A third fumed: “Hope most people realise how alarming it is that Michael’s gaslighting has been this effective. Amber was a very confident girl (on the surface), and now she actually believes that she caused what happened. That Michael’s mistreatment of her was her fault. It sickens me.” 

While a fourth agreed: “Michael is actually so rude and cruel, it’s clear he doesn’t care about Amber as a person at all and it breaks my heart – the whole ‘she’ll win’ nonsense rubbed me up the wrong way. There is a pattern of disrespect with him and I can not stand for it, he has to go.” 

And it looks like Michael is having second thoughts over his relationship with Joanna.

On Thursday night’s episode he hinted that he wanted to potentially part ways. 

He asked her: “From my perspective, it’s like, do you really want this? Or are you standing off because you want to be friends with Amber?”

Joanna insisted she was interested in him, but confessed she doesn’t give her all to someone from the get-go. 

He added: “You’re thinking more about Amber’s feelings and I need you to not.”

Love Island continues on ITV2 at 9pm. 

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