Love Island fans outraged and claim show is 'fixed' as final four couples will be picked by rival Islanders

LOVE Island fans are outraged and claim the show is 'fixed' as the final four couples will be chosen by rival Islanders.

The villa will be rocked tonight when Belle receives a text announcing each couple has to secretly vote for the pair they think is the least compatible.

Those with the lowest votes will then face being dumped from the villa, just days before Monday's grand final.

The moment featured in a first look at tonight's episode earlier today, and fans immediately took to social media to kick off about the decision to let the Islanders pick among themselves and not put it to the public.

Writing on Twitter, one angry fan said: "After everything that Amber and Ovie have brought to this series, it would be ridiculous if they’re not in the finale.

"And this close to the end, when the public is about to give one couple 50K, the Islanders should have no say in who goes. This is so disappointing.

Another shared: "The vote shouldn't be left to the contenders of the £50k (who all have a strategy to win). It should be left solely to the public.

"This is a huge vote. Perhaps the two couples they end up picking, wouldn't have been the two the public would have chosen."

A third agreed, writing: "First of all, yall trash. You know Ovie and india are the new ones. They don't have that strong friendship with others only with Amber.

"This is soo fixed. You knew the public would never vote them out, so you dicided to let the Islanders vote. Trashhhhh.

A fellow fan begged show bosses: "Please let us choose who makes it to the final. The public deserves the chance to save their favourite couple, it shouldn't be in the hands of the islanders.

"If that's the case why not ask the islanders to also decide who gets the 50K?"

The remaining couples are Amber and Greg, Tommy and Molly-Mae, Maura and Curtis, Belle and Anton and Ovie and India.

Many viewers fear newer pairings like Amber and Greg and Ovie and India will be voted for, despite Amber and Ovie being individual favourites among those watching at home.

One fan wrote: "So you guys know that if you left the votes to us, we wouldn't get rid of Amber/Ovie so you've allowed the islanders to choose because it's likely they'd get rid of them as they are new couples. What a joke."

Another raged: "I swear to f*** if the islanders dump Amber and Greg because they're a "new" couple I am suing this show because they have a good chance of winning.

"They've never done it this way, seems like a fix for Tommy and Molly to win and I ain't happy #loveisland."

A third tweeted: "Said this before and I'll say it again. I think at this stage of the show, the islanders should not have the final say, especially with people like Anton, who always saves his friend over a couple."

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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