Love Island fans baffled as they spot Millie lookalike on Kaz and Tylers date

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Love Island fans were once again left agog at Millie Court's musical skills on Thursday night, as she appeared to 'gatecrash' Kaz's final date with Tyler.

The duo headed off for their final date in a horse-drawn carriage, only to be met with a relaxed meal in a cobbled courtyard and serenaded by a violin quartet.

But eagle-eyed fans spotted that the middle violin player looked identical to the villa's very own Millie Court.

With her shoulder-length blonde hair, the musician did bear a striking resemblance to Millie, though she wore round glasses as she clutched her instrument close to her shoulder.

Immediately flocking to Twitter, one fan pointed out: "Damn Millie can play the violin too! #LoveIsland," alongside a snap of the musician looking in her element.

"Not me thinking Millie was playing the violin! #LoveIsland," another wailed, as a third fan echoed: "That one violinist looks like Millie!"

"I see Millie's now giving the violin a try after the piano performance," someone else mused.

Meanwhile, another viewer wrote: "Why did I think this was Millie at first? I was like damn our girl upgraded from her piano!"

It came just nights after Millie showed off her musical prowess on the keyboard during the villa's talent show.

She played a cover of an Ed Sheeran song that left partner Liam Reardon in tears – but fans baffled as to what the tune could be.

Fans were even certain that the cover music for the introduction to Thursday night's episode could be a Millie special, as one quipped: "LOL every time a slow piano song starts up on #LoveIsland I think it's Millie back on the keys!"

Some fans found it even more hilarious to edit a snap of Millie tinkling the ivories into the scene of Kaz and Tyler's date, with one captioning their edit: "OMG is that Millie playing the piano, how sweet of her!"

"Kind of Millie to go play 3 Blind Mice on the piano for Kaz and Tyler's date!" another giggled.

Another suggested they should also add in Liam belting out another Tom Jones hit in the background of the shot.

But the episode wasn't all full of laughter, as Jake and Liberty – affectionately dubbed 'Jiberty' by fans – finally decided to go their separate ways.

Liberty said she needed to be "true to herself" and called it quits on the relationship after being together from the start, and making things official.

She said Jake couldn't accept her for who she was, "messiness" and all.

And in a shocking teaser trailer for Friday's episode, it looks like the pair could be quitting the villa altogether, as they summoned the other islanders to sit around the firepit.

Millie's shocked face could be seen in the preview, and it looks like any hopes of a reconciliation could be gone forever.

Love Island continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVHub.

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