Love Island 2019: Viewers distracted as they spot big blunder in Amber and Greg’s date

Love Island fans tuned in to see the latest bombshells make their mark tonight as Amber Gill was taken on a date with newcomer Greg O’Shea. 

After receiving a text telling her to meet him on the Hideaway terrace, Amber made her way upstairs. 

Those watching at home saw the Geordie beautician struggle to open the door, laughing as Greg stood the other side talking to her. 

But it was what followed that raised eyebrows amongst viewers. 

“Oh!” Amber exclaimed trying the door handle. “How do I get out?” 

Walking up to the door, Greg explained: “There’s no handle on the outside! Shall we just have a date through the glass?” 

After a few minutes of shaking the handle, Amber finally opened the door and stepped outside. 

Greg decided to give them a little privacy and shut the door behind them: “You look lovely! Hi I’m Greg, nice to meet you. I’ll close the door behind you there.” 

Many viewers noticed how the door didn’t have a handle on the outside and wondered how the pair would get back inside. 

Taking to Twitter to discuss this blunder, one said: “Did he just close a door you can’t open from the outside?? #LoveIsland.” 

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“He’s now locked them both outside #LoveIsland,” a second reiterated while another commented: “How the f*** are they gonna get back inside if there’s no handle on the outside #LoveIsland.” 

“How are they meant to leave the Hideaway now they’ve shut the door behind them…? #LoveIsland,” one tweet read. 

While another questioned: “Did Greg just close the door after telling Amber there wasn’t a handle on the outside #LoveIsland.” 

Nevertheless they seemed to have miraculously opened the doors because when the date was over, the pair walked arm in arm through the doors which were both open back into the villa. 

Elsewhere on the show, Michael Griffiths is having second thoughts about Amber. 

He’s locked them both outside.

Twitter user.

The pair were coupled up until the Casa Amor twist brought in six new girls and six new boys, causing Michael’s head to be turned by Joanna Chimonides. 

But earlier this week Caroline Flack rocked up and announced one contestant was leaving the villa, and that person was Joanna after she was voted for by the other Islanders. 

After commanding Amber for a chat during last night’s episode, Michael sat down with her in the living room to apologise for upsetting her. 

And after this, Ovie Soko and Jordan Hames were pulled for a chat with the firefighter to go through his feelings. 

The six foot seven professional basketball player gave his worldly advice about the situation and asked him how he felt. 

“That conversation we had the other day in the lounge allowed us to get back to week one, being just friends,” Michael said. “Now Joanna has gone it has allowed me time to think clearly, I’ve realised I do still like Amber.” 

After a pep talk from his boys, Michael stated: “Right now I need to do myself a favour and Amber and tell her how I’m feeling.” 

Love Island airs every night at 9pm on ITV. 

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