Love Is Blind spoilers: Did Mark and Jessica get married? Did trailer reveal split?

Love is Blind’s first five episodes were dropped on Netflix earlier this month and then released the next four last week, leaving viewers eagerly waiting to find out which couples are now married. One couple who have had a bit of a rocky time during the series is Mark and Jessica. So did they tie the knot or have they ended their relationship?

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Love is Blind on Netflix.

Did Mark and Jessica get married on Love is Blind?

In the first couple of episodes, Jessica and Mark were getting to know one another just like the other singletons and from the get-go, it seemed Mark had fallen head over heels for the woman 10 years his senior despite never seeing her.

Jessica also looked pretty happy with how everything was going with her and Mark until she started to think more about the age gap between them and the fact she did have a connection with Barnett who was closer to her age.

Before they met, Jessica told Mark how she felt but when Barnett said he wasn’t sure if she was the one he wanted to propose to, she apologised to Mark and things were back on track for the pair.

When the pair met, they ran to one another and had a long embrace before Mark once again got down on one knee and proposed to Jessica face-to-face.


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But as time has gone on, there have been a few more stumbling blocks along the way for the newly engaged couple.

Unsure about their future, Jessica decided to take off her engagement ring, explaining that: “It doesn’t feel authentic for me to wear this symbol of forever.”

They were still going to try and make it work and the next time we saw Jessica, she had put the ring back on her finger and said she wanted to be “in it fully” and even told her mum that Mark was the “man of her dreams”.

Despite initial concerns about the age gap, her family have also been very supportive of their relationship

However, as the show has continued, Jessica has gravitated towards Barnett on more than one occasion and labelled Mark as “very emotionally available” which she didn’t like.

She reassured Mark that she wanted to work on their relationship but there have been a lot of ups and downs already on her part, whereas Mark has never changed his mind about his future wife.

Even though the Love is Blind couples have been posting about the show on their social media accounts, no one has divulged whether or not they are still with their other halves so it is not clear if Mark and Jessica did get married.

However, some fans are concerned Netflix has already revealed they had split up in the trailer for the series.

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In a series of clips promoting the show, Mark is seen saying to Jessica: “I want you to be 1000percent open with me.”

We then see Jessica in bed while Mark is standing up telling her: “Don’t insult me like that.” but it is unclear what this argument is about.

But in a dramatic moment, we see a blonde-haired woman in a wedding dress running out of a building and onto the street.

The trailer doesn’t show her face but she continues to run while a voiceover says: “I cannot do this.”


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There has been no confirmation that this was Jessica running away from her and Mark’s wedding but as one of the only blonde women in the series, it is a strong possibility she is the one leaving Mark at the altar.

But fans have got a little longer to wait until they can find out for sure if Mark and Jessica are broken up.

The finale of Love is Blind will be released on Thursday, February 27, where the episode will drop on the streaming service.

Love is Blind season 1 is available to watch on Netflix.

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