Lock Stock child star looks unrecognisable 20 years on from playing Vinne Jones’ son

LOCK Stock And Two Smoke Barrels was a HUGE hit in the 90s and saw Vinnie Jones launch his acting career.

But another break out star from the Guy Ritchie movie was nine-year-old Peter McNicholl, who played the former footballer's cheeky son.

The film was released over 20 years ago in 1998 and that child star is now all grown up, and looks completely unrecognisable.

The actor-turned-estate agent as remerged into the limelight with the aim of kick-starting his acting career.

Peter has also been spilling the beans on what it was like to work with hardman Vinnie.

He revealed how knowing the footy legend had played for Wimbledon, he wore his Arsenal kit for the first day of filming to wind him up.

Speaking to The Mirror he said: “I needed to do ­something to stand out so I had the idea of wearing my Ian Wright No8 Arsenal shirt under my coat.

“My mum begged me, ‘Don’t you dare. You will upset him.’ But I was fearless then and felt I had to support my team Arsenal in front of Vinnie.

“I walked in the room and casually took my coat off and Vinnie’s eyes popped out of his head.

“He shouted, ‘Who is this cocky little b*gger?’ Everyone laughed and it just meant that Vinnie liked me.

“I read my lines including swear words without a blink. It went perfectly. That moment got me the part. Guy and Vinnie saw I was brave, cheeky and funny.

“Afterwards Vinnie admitted that he and Guy loved me because ‘I was a cocky little sh**.’”

Peter, now 31, was speaking 20 years after the low-budget comedy crime flick became a surprise international hit.

It made household names of director Guy, and stars Jason Statham and Nick Moran.

In the film, Peter’s potty-mouthed character Little Chris follows his dad around London as he collects debts and causes carnage on behalf of his underworld boss.

Peter said: “You would never have believed that this was Vinnie’s ­debut role. “He was always so calm and ­assured, before then becoming the menacing Big Chris as soon as the cameras started to roll.

“Back then it was seen by some as a joke that he was cast. But Guy got it. And it’s no surprise that his career has blossomed in Hollywood.


Lock, Stock was made for less than £1million but took more than £20million at the box office.

Peter earned £6,000 but was not allowed to attend the premiere ­because of its 18 certificate.

He said: “Guy knew how big this film would be. At the audition he said, ‘This is going to massive.’

“Even though it was low budget, he treated it like a blockbuster.

“They offered me £6,000 or a small cut of sales as payment. My agent said take the money because you don’t know what will happen.

“It paid for my first car and a laptop. My brother and I worked it out and it could have been over £50,000. But it was never about the money.

"That ­exposure it helped me get a scholarship at the Sylvia Young Theatre School.

"The movie came out just as I joined Brentwood County High, where pupils thought I was cool because I was connected to Hollywood.”

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