Little People's Matt Roloff 'wants to retire soon' & son Jeremy could 'co-own family farm with twin brother Zach'

LITTLE People, Big World star Matt Roloff "wants to retire soon" and son Jeremy could end up "co-owning the family farm with brother Zach," a source exclusively told The Sun.

The 59-year-old businessman, who runs the 110-acre Roloff Farms in Oregon has been discussing his next moves with family and desperately wants his sons to take over.

A source told The Sun his children are glad to be off the property for the moment, but they are considering taking over the business once their dad steps back with girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

The insider said: "Matt and Caryn want to retire soon, probably by the end of 2022, they think it's time after years of hard work.

"They want to live between Arizona where they have a house and Oregon, while also building their dream home together.

"Zach is interested in taking over, he wants to keep money coming in for the family and he enjoys it. He has always helped with pumpkin season.

"Jeremy is okay with this but also desperately wants to be apart of the business, there are discussions he could end up co-owning the farm with Zach moving forward."

The source added: "Secretly Matt would rather Jeremy be involved because he gets the business a little more."

The Sun reached out to the farm and Little People, Big World makers TLC for comment.

Matt previously said he wasn't ready to retire, but after a tough year he's said to have been having conversations with family.

He previously told Instagram fans: "The ultimate scenario for me is that the twins would take over the farm and work together … but nobody likes to run that pumpkin patch like I do."

While Zach has never commented on whether he would take over, his brother Jeremy has showed plenty of interest.

“Growing up on a farm the passion for land has never left me,” Jeremy explained via Instagram.

He added: "[My wife] Audrey and I have been working very hard to be able to acquire one someday and visiting the Mona farm was a big encouragement in our efforts."

In another post, he added that taking over Roloff Farms is "totally" an "option."

Savvy dad of four Matt managed to keep the farm ticking over during the pandemic with the help of a $205,000 government loan, while other businesses went under due to financial ruin.

An online public document obtained by The Sun shows on April 20, 2020, Roloff Farms, Inc of Milton Freewater, Oregon was granted a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan from the Baker Boyer National Bank for $205,913.

The info says all of that money went towards the payroll of the farm's 28 employees.

Without a Crystal Ball's Katie Joy first reported Matt's $205,000 loan.

Fans of the TLC show know how hard Matt and his staff work tirelessly to keep the farm in working order all year round.

It reportedly is visited by at least 30,000 people a year the times it is open to the public and its Halloween Pumpkin Patch event is incredibly popular.

His PPP loan savvy also benefits his ex-wife Amy, 56, who still shares ownership of part of the property and business and is listed as “secretary” on official documents.

Matt and Amy, who married in 1987 and split in 2016, bought the farm as a fixer upper back in 1990 for just $185,000.

He has been dating Caryn, his former assistant, for the past four years and the pair are rumored to be getting engaged.

Meanwhile, the insider says filming for the upcoming season is complete and the series is likely to air in July, after a setback amid the pandemic.

The source said: "There are no exact dates yet but Season 22 is meant to air by the end of July, and they are already filming season 23.

"It will show how difficult the past year has been for the family and how they've made changes at the farm during the COVID outbreak."

LPBW, which started in 2006, is one of the longest running reality shows on television, outlasting even Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


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