Little People's Audrey Roloff slammed as 'out of touch' for boasting she & Jeremy took month off to 'focus on marriage'

Little People, Big World's Audrey Roloff was slammed as "out of touch' for boasting that she and Jeremy took a month off to "focus on marriage."

Audrey, 29, revealed how she and her husband Jeremy, 31, spent their break from work and social media in a slew of Instagram stories. 

During their one month off, the Little People, Big World star admitted they "weren't writing books" or replying to their "email correspondents."

Feeling "extremely refreshed," the TLC star continued: "We always said we wanted to do this in our seventh year of marriage. Take a sabbatical time of rest as a family and it was so good."

Little People fans jumped onto the comments section to slam Audrey's "priveleged" comments as "out of touch."

A fan stated: "I'm sure taking a real vacation was wonderful for their family. I look forward to the Roloff's full-throated support of worker's rights and improved benefits."

Another fan wrote: "Her life isn't relatable at all and she's super tone-deaf. Their last book didn't seem to do well so I'll be interested to see where she's gonna try to take this "influencer" gig next."

A third person added: "The whole story reeks of privilege. She says that they had planned to do this in their 7th year of marriage like they knew that the 7 year was gonna be the rough?? 

Also, I wish my partner and I could take a month of work to spend time together hiking and such they have."

A commentator mentioned: "Most people can't take off a month from work to be more 'intentional' with their family lol."

A Redditor chimed in: "Didn't watch this, so this comment could be irrelevant but imagine needing to take a month off of life to focus on your marriage? What does that say about the state of your marriage?"

Over the July 4th weekend, Audrey and Jeremy announced they were expecting their third child sometime in November.

The reality star wrote in the caption: "We’re about to be a family of 5! Our little tie breaker is coming this November!"

In the Instagram video, Jeremy played with his two kids: Bode James, one, and Ember Jean, three.

All of a sudden, a black and white piece of paper swooped in.

Jeremy held in his hands Audrey's sonogram, which showed that she was pregnant.

The Roloff family posed in front of a sign.

The sign said: "Tie-breaker coming November…"

Ember laughed and screamed at the top of her lungs: "Mama has another baby!"

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