Line of Duty fans go wild for fan theory that 'CHIS' is a secret code that proves Steve Arnott is 'H'

LINE Of Duty fans have gone crazy over a theory about the show's newest baffling acronym: "CHIS."

Viewers were left furiously Googling obscure police terms when the show aired last night because it was used almost non-stop.

But some reckon the term could point to the identity of the mysterious 'H' – the shadowy figure running police corruption on the hit drama.

Pointless star Richard Osman tweeted: "So they're telling us CHIS stands for 'Covert Human Intelligence Source'.

"But what if CHIS really stands for 'Clearly H Is Steve'? Makes you think."

Fans were bowled over by the theory, with one replying: "My head has just fallen off…"

And the theory was even taken up on Good Morning Britain today when it was discussed by Richard Arnold, Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard.

Richard said: "Does it stand for Clearly H Is Steve? Just putting it out there, just putting it out there."

Ben Shephard wasn't buying the theory, boggling: "Steve?"

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