‘LHH: Miami’ Star Saucy Santana Hints at Getting Revenge on Miami Tip for Being ‘Tea Runner’

The beef between Santana and Tip stems from the latter’s comments on social media, claiming that Santana isn’t a victim of a hate crime like the latter claims.

AceShowbiz -“Love & Hip Hop: Miami” newbie Saucy Santana sparks feud with Miami Tip, the manager of his best pal Sukihana. Santana felt that Tip rubbed him the wrong way after she revealed on social media that Santana wasn’t a victim of a hate crime like the latter claimed. Now, he seemingly planned something to get even with her.

In a preview for an upcoming episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Miami”, Santana could be seen discussing their planned tour with Sukihana and Kamillion. “So, I wanna do a mixtape release party,” Santana said. “Y’all gotta be there. I may invite Pre too.”

However, Santana told Sukihana not to invite Tip. “That manager, girl, she’s out of it,” he shared.

“So recently, my good sis Santana got shot on his arm,” Sukihana explained in confessional. “Santana felt like the shooting was a hate crime because he’s gay, but Tip went on social media and said that the reason that he got shot is because he was actin’ crazy at the strip club.”

“A lotta times, people confused like, oh, he’s a gay rapper or he’s a LGBT rapper. I’m just a rapper, period. And I been through… somre real hood s**t. Like, girl, you makin’ me look crazy out here,” Santana ranted. When Sukihana suggested that Tip might want to set the records straight, he responded, “It wasn’t like you were settin’ the record straight. You wanted to be a tea runner, false tea at that.”

At the end, Santana appeared to change his mind and let Sukihana to invite Tip to his party. “She like the spotlight, so let her come,” Santana said.

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The beef between Santana and Tip stemmed from Tip’s comments on the shooting incident at a strip club which was targeted at Santana. He claimed that he was shot because he’s gay, but Tip begged to differ. In an Instagram Live, Tip claimed, “Santana pulled down his pants. Security said, ‘You can’t do that in here, my brother.’ So, Santana, he get loud and go crazy on the security guard. It wasn’t a LGBT discrimination.”

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