‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ Digs Deep On Democrat Debate Performances

Seth Meyers took a closer look at the second night of the first Democratic presidential debate. The Late Night host found much to enjoy in the scrum between contenders and in President Donald Trump’s reactions to them.

First, Meyers wondered why reporters bothered asked Trump how he thought the Dem debaters would do. “Don’t ask him man on the street stuff,” said Meyers on Thursday. “What do you think he’ll say, ‘I love Elizabeth Warren?’ “

Meyers also questioned what Trump had to say about the panel, when he noted that “Bernie [Sanders] looks like he’s had it. He looks crazy, but he always did,” and Biden “looks exhausted.”

“This is what Trump does. Trump projects onto other people,” Meyers crowed, also noting that in the crowded stage, “You didn’t notice one of them is Mr. Bean.”

He also mocked Beto O’Rourke’s self-assessment on giving himself an “A” on his debate performance. He took issue with Spanish-speaking during the debate, calling Cory Booker’s reaction the “face you have when you see someone try to fit a suitcase that doesn’t fit in the overboard, or when a guy gets on the subway with a pet snake around his neck.”

Watch the video above for more takes.

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