Kerry Katona poses for X-rated snap saying she never breastfed kids as 'my t*ts were so big they could have suffocated'

KERRY Katona showed off her abs in an X-rated snap and revealed she never breastfed her kids because 'my t*ts were so big they could have been suffocated'.

The former singer made the confession as she posed for a picture in which her underboobs were clearly on display.

Kerry, 40, wowed her Instagram followers as she uploaded the picture which showed off her toned abs.

The mother-of-five has credited yoga and quitting smoking with helping her lose over two stones in weight.

As well as workouts with her personal trainer boyfriend Ryan Mahoney.

"Get on it girl wow," said one follower. "you should be so proud of yourself xx"

Another added: "Good god women 🔥"

It came as Kerry revealed to new! magazine: "I didn't breastfed any of my kids. Firstly, my t*ts were that big I was worried about suffocating them.

"And I also thought, 'I've just carried this baby for nine months and now you want me to do all the night feeds as well? I don't think so pal!'

"I didn't feel any pressure cause I just don't care what anyone else says.

"None of my children have ever been able to take to the nipple and they're all absolutely fine."

Kerry is mum to Molly, 19, Lilly-Sue, 18, Heidi, 14, Maxwell, 12, and Dylan-Jorge, six.

Her words were a response to new mum Kate Ferdinand's recent admission that she was scared to admit she hasn't been breastfeeding her son Cree.

The reality star feared a backlash from mum-shaming trolls on Instagram.

Kate, 29, admitted she felt nervous about sharing aspects of her motherhood journey in case the "breastfeeding police" and trolls gave her a hard time.

Backing her decision not to breastfeed, Kerry went on: "I hope Kate realises that how she chooses to bring her child up has nothing to do with anyone else and she should do what she wants.

"She's doing a great job and no book in the world can prepare you for motherhood."

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