Katie Price supports son Harvey as he performs in Autism’s Got Talent

KATIE Price supported son Harvey as he performed on stage in Autism’s Got Talent on Saturday.

Photos from the competition show Katie with her eldest son as he wowed crowds in St Ives Theatre, Cornwall, last night.

Harvey has severe autism, a rare complex genetic condition called Prader-Willi syndrome and is partially blind.

His mum watched him shine as the 16-year old made his stage debut with a keyboard performance.

Harvey has been playing the keyboard since the age of four and was inspired to audition after watching Autism's Got Talent earlier this year at The Mermaid Theatre in London.

Autism's Got Talent was created by Anna Kennedy OBE, Autism Ambassador for Options Autism, who provide care and education to children, young people and adults with autism.

Harvey is the child of former glamour model Katie and footballer Dwight Yorke.

He has made numerous telly appearances, before becoming the subject of vile social media posts that he and his mum are now trying to make a criminal offence.

Harvey had an Instagram account that had an impressive 102k followers – but it landed Katie in hot water with fans after he was the subject of cruel trolling.

The 16-year-old was hounded online following a drawing he shared of his mum on the Gatwick Express.

But it sparked a huge debate, as people hurled abuse at the youngster and slammed his mum.

His Instagram account has since been deleted.

In January, it was revealed that Parliament backed Katie's efforts in criminalising online hate.

What's Prader-Willi syndrome?

People with the syndrome feel constantly hungry which can often lead to developing obesity and diabetes.

Prader-Willi syndrome is the most common genetic cause of morbid obesity in children.

Many people with the syndrome experience intellectual impairment and dysfunctional behavioural patterns.

Those affected also have physical symptoms such as physical weakness, a narrow forehead, small hands and feet, and a prominent nasal bridge.

A high pain threshold and skin picking problem are other symptoms commonly associated with the syndrome.

Children with the syndrome may also experience delayed puberty and some may not ever fully develop into adults.

Infertility is extremely common for those with the syndrome because of their sexual organs not developing normally.

The syndrome can not be cured but it can be controlled through treatments such as growth hormone injections and educational training.

The Government responded by saying: "The issue of keeping people safe online is a top priority for this Government."

Although the Government deemed the 2014 Social Media and Criminal Offences law "generally appropriate," a few revisions were made.

This included new sections on Hate crime and Vulnerable and intimidated witnesses.

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