Kardashian critics slam Kim for letting daughter North, 9, act 'too mature' with 'dangerous' new adult accessory | The Sun

FANS are ripping Kim Kardashian after daughter North, 9, was seen rocking a "mature" accessory during a recent outing.

The posh youngster accompanied her famous mom on a trip to Europe for Paris Fashion Week.

North was photographed several times during the trip, posing on her own and alongside grandmother Kris Jenner and mom Kim, 42.

She dressed up during the outing, donning menswear-inspired looks and other fashionable outfits as she appeared on the red carpet.

It wasn't North's looks that fans were buzzing about, however, it was a subtle aspect of her appearance: a nose ring.

After Kim was seen sporting a fake hoop nose ring with a chain connecting it to something else, her oldest daughter took a turn.

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She stepped out with twist-style braids in her hair, dark oval sunglasses on, and the hoop in her nose.

A large chain that appeared to be linked to an earring made the hoop stand out that much more.

North also sported a pinstriped suit vest with a white button-down shirt underneath.

Fans took issue with the accessory, accusing Kim of allowing her to act too grown up.

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One Twitter user noted: "I don't mind the nose ring or the style.

"What I do find weird is that North West never had a childhood and won't have one. Never got to dress like a kid, go to school, be normal or meet new people organically."

Someone else tweeted: "Is it just me but.. That nose ring is way too grown for North to be wearing at that age."

A third tweeted: "The nose ring is a little much for a child but go off North."

It wasn't just the fact that the nose ring was not age-appropriate that fans took issue with either.

Someone else pointed out: "All the replies are about how North 'ate her up' and none about the nose ring being cultural appropriation."

North's nose ring isn't all fans are buzzing about amid her and mom Kim's family trip to Paris.


The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum made her runway debut during Paris Fashion Week.

She walked the runway during Balenciaga's 51st Couture Collection at the annual fashion event.

The reality star shined in a full-length black gown complete with gloves and boots.

Cheering her on in the front row was her daughter North and mother Kris.

But fans who caught highlights of Kim's big catwalk became distracted by her famous momager, who grinned in the audience as her daughter sauntered by.

Kris wore a black pantsuit and kept her oversized black sunglasses on as she filmed the moment.

Sharing a video of the event to Instagram, Kris wrote: "The most incredible @balenciaga Haute Couture show in Paris today!! 

"So proud of you @kimkardashian, and what a runway for the 51st couture collection."

After spotting Kris looking on, fans rushed to the internet to react.

"Pretty sure that’s Jack Nicholson," one fan shared, as another countered: "Was going to say the Grinch styled to be in Men In Black but Jack Nicholson is more accurate."

"That’s Kris? I thought it was the Devil from O Brother, Where Art Thou." one person suggested.

And one found Kris' look to be out of this world: "Kris looks like an alien or a grasshopper with those glasses.

"How much longer are the Kardashians gonna be in the spotlight? It’s frickin' draining."


Other fans appeared to take offense to Kris' smirk, accusing her of costing Kim her own adolescence.

"Kris lives vicariously through her daughters," one person commented. "(Using) them for the fame she always (wanted) for herself."

Another added: "Kris exploits all her children, ESPECIALLY Kim. 

"You can basically see dollar signs through Kris' slimey grin."

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And one follower blamed Kim for putting herself in a position to be ridiculed.

"The fact that she’s got 4 kids and a billion dollars, and is spending her time at 41 years old and 5’2 being a joke on the runway is really astounding to me," the person posted.

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