Justin's verdict revealed as he stands trial for acid attack in Corrie

Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still) faces court in Coronation Street as the trial surrounding his stalking of Daisy Midgeley (charlotte Jordan) and attacking Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) with acid begins.

Justin started stalking Daisy through social media, sending her messages online and having flowers delivered to her house and the pub.

Gradually, the behaviour started to get darker, and things got more concerning.

Justin got himself a job as a delivery driver with a route through Weatherfield, just so he could see Daisy more, and became convinced they were meant to be together forever, going as far as planning their wedding and honeymoon.

After Daisy had Justin arrested, he returned for revenge which came in the form of attempting to attack her with acid.

However, because Ryan jumped in front of them when the ordeal took place, he became the person left with permanent physical and mental scars.

Coming up, Daniel (Rob Mallard) heads to see Ryan and begs him to reconsider about attending court, pointing out that if Justin walks free, Daisy will live constantly in fear.

As Daniel tells the court how Justin relentlessly stalked Daisy in the run up to the attack, she’s spotted by Carla (Alison King), close to doing a runner.

Carla tells Daisy that she should stand up and prove to Justin that he can’t control her.

As the week draws to a close, Ryan enters the witness box and describes to the court how Justin threw acid intending it for Daisy, but he took the full force causing indescribable pain.

When Justin enters the witness box, he describes his version of events, but how will the court react?

And what will the verdict be?

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