Jinger Duggar shocks fans as she shows off her bare THIGH in new photo despite family's strict dress code

JINGER Duggar stunned her fans after posing in short-shorts for a new photo, despite her family’s strict modesty rules.

The 27-year-old kicked the Duggar dress code to the curb and showed off a major amount of bare skin.

Jeremy Vuolo shared a model-esque shot of his wife Jinger sitting sweetly on their leather couch in just a black T-shirt and a pair of barely-there black shorts.

She wore minimal make-up and left her long hair down in loos waves as she gave a close-mouthed smile for the camera. 

Sitting to the side, with her knees in front of her, Jinger put one bare thigh, knee, and foot on display for all to see.

“Midweek mood,” Jeremy captioned the shot.

Fans were shocked to see such a revealing shot as Jinger’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle have very strict modesty rules about what their kids should and should not wear.

“Whoa – for a daughter of JB and Shelley, that’s a lot of leg,” one Counting On fan noted in the comments section. “Nice to see her so comfortable with herself (and you).”

Another supported this look, writing: “Oooo ok I see that leg girl!!! 👏👏👏❤️❤️”

Others on Reddit couldn’t believe it, asking: “Is that thigh I see?”

Said another: “That’s a lot of thigh!”

One user joked: “Is that… is that a thigh?! My virgin eyes!”

Jinger recently opened up about "struggling" with her parents over her decision to go against their wardrobe rules, including wearing pants.

In her new book The Hope We Hold: Finding Peace in the Promises of God with husband Jeremy, she reflected on why she started defying her parents strict codes.

The 27-year-old wrote: "My mom had always dressed us girls in skirts and dresses, a standard that was taken from Deuteronomy 22:5, which says, 'A woman shall not wear a man's garment,' (ESV) and I never really questioned it."

She continued: "Modesty was a huge topic in our house, and we believed that wearing skirts instead of pants was a central part of being modest. But I wanted to discover for myself what the Bible had to say."

After marrying Jeremy, Jinger said that she began spending more time home alone "digging into" the Bible.

After studying scripture and listening to sermons, Jinger said, "Growing up, I had a set of standards that I took as givens," though once she "reexamined and compared them to Scripture, [her] convictions were changing."

Jinger and Jeremy's new book was published just days after her brother Josh, 33, was arrested for "possessing 65 images of child porn including some toddlers."

He's been ordered to reside in a third-party home until his trial on July 6 and will reportedly stay with good friends of his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Jinger and her husband are reportedly "horrified and disgusted by the situation."

A source told People: "Being a family themselves, the idea of these kinds of charges against Josh are a horrific thing. Jinger is having a hard time coping with it."

Though the scandal has "taken an emotional toll" on the couple, according to the source, the Counting On stars are focusing on their own family and the home they've built together in Los Angeles.

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