Jane McDonald confirms TV return after quitting Cruising series

Jane McDonald discusses cruising in 2017

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The final series of Cruising with Jane McDonald involved the singer sailing around the Caribbean and along the River Thames among other destinations. After seven seasons, the BAFTA-winning series came to an end but fans of the former Loose Women panellist will be pleased to know she will be returning to TV screens with other shows in the future. 

Jane opened up on her future with Kaye Adams on her podcast How to be 60. 

It’s the penultimate week of Jane’s Let The Light In tour but the singer is currently planning on taking an extended break from touring.

In the interview, Kaye asked Jane: “Are you aware of getting older?”

“I’m looking forward to it because I can slow down,” the singer and presenter replied. 

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“I’ve achieved so many things in my life already, that I never thought I would and I’ve got a really great circle of friends. 

“So it’s time now to have a bit of fun and I’ve not really had much fun, because I’ve worked constantly, constantly for as long as I can remember. 

“I’m not touring next year or the year after. So you’ve got an exclusive there because they only think I’m only doing one year, but I’m now doing two because I want to have a bit of downtime.”

Jane assured fans she still plans on creating TV shows while on breaking from touring.

“I’ll still be doing all the TV shows and that’s great,” she confirmed.

“I love that but the touring I found now is harder than it used to be and, and I’m thinking well, ‘Why? 

“‘Why are you doing it, just have a bit of a break and see how you feel.’”

She added: “Now I’m getting to 60. The difference now in my tired level is quite quite big.”


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“So I’m just gonna put my feet up and watch Netflix like everybody else.” 

Elsewhere in the podcast, Jane addressed her friend Sue Ravey moving in with her after the death of her partner Eddie Rothe.

Sue featured in one of Jane’s series for Channel 5, My Yorkshire. 

The pair met while both working as singers on the working men’s club circuit. 

Sue and Jane were represented by the same agent and now Sue works as her friend’s PA.

Jane added: “You know, when you’re on your own, there’s, there’s always that the wee small hours in the morning where everything seems a lot worse than it actually is. 

“If I wake up and I’m in a bad way, I know that Sue’s just down the hall a bit and I can get up and say can you have a cup of tea with me? 

“She’ll probably kill me if I do that. But you know, sometimes it’s just knowing that someone else in the house and we’ve both got that now.”

Kaye Adams: How to be 60 is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all good podcast platforms. New episodes are released every Friday.

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