ITV's Beecham House – 5 reasons to watch and is it based on a true story?

FROM the cast to the stunning locations, Beecham House is the latest show you cannot miss.

We have all the reason why you should be tuning into this new ITV drama's second episode tonight (June 24).

Five reasons to watch Beecham House

1) The leading man

Well, let's just start with Tom Bateman who takes on the lead role of John Beecham.

The hunky actor, 29, will give fans a treat on Beecham House when he strips off to the waist to show off his muscles.

Not only has he done TV, Tom has appeared in numerous films which includes Da Vinci’s Demons and Jekyll and Hyde, amongst others.

In 2017 he featured in a short film called Snatched, appearing alongside Hollywood actresses Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn.

Tom is perhaps best known for his role in the movie Murder on the Orient Express, which was released in 2017, and 2019's Cold Pursuit.

2) The beautiful locations

The show was shot across multiple areas in India and the beautiful surroundings will instantly captivate you.

Writer and director Gurinda Chadha said there was no question that she was going to film her series in India.

In a recent interview she said: “You can’t beat India on camera.

“One of the things about India that existed long before the British came along and carried on long after they left, and will carry on, is their architecture, the palaces, the forts. We have used many, many shots of those amazing buildings and that is India, for me. You cannot shoot that anywhere else.”

3) It's compared to Poldark

Now we all love a bit of Poldark, but Beecham House is being tipped to rival the hit BBC show.

Interestingly, both shows are set at the turn of the 18th century, with hunky Irish star Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark while Tom (as we discussed) plays John Beecham.

Poldark could also face a stiff TV ratings battle with Beecham House when it launches this summer.

The BBC One drama's fifth season is returning in July – in the same Sunday night slot as ITV's newest period addition.

4) The star cast

The show includes plenty of familiar faces.

Tom is joined by Hustle star Marc Warren, who is a familiar face on British TV.

Actress Lesley Nicol, who famously plays cook Beryl Patmore in Downton Abbey, has now moved upstairs to take on the role of John’s snobby mum Henrita.

Also in the cast is Gregory Fitoussi, Adil Ray, llavi Sharda, Dakota Blue Richards, Viveik Kalra, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Leo Suter and Bessie Carter.

5) The love story

We know from the trailer that John will have TWO love interests in the show.

It is implied that he will seek to romance an English woman during the series.

But the trailer also shows that he has been, or is going to be, involved with an Indian woman.

We can't wait to see how this plays out.

Is Beecham House a true story?

No, Beechham House is a fictional tale.

The show follows the story of John Beecham, and what unfolds within his family and staff as they move into a new home in Delhi, India, on the cusp of the 19th century.

However, the title character is clearly haunted by his past, and despite moving somewhere new, it won’t take long for disharmony and conspiracy to win out in the stunning surroundings.

John’s life remains shrouded in mystery as he arrives with an "olive-skinned" child named August and two Indian nursemaids.

This adds to speculation and gossip among the servants that he may be the boy’s father, and that the protective nursemaid happens to be his mother.

To add further complication, it doesn’t appear that John’s past will take long to catch up with him, as his mother and brother arrive to live with them.

The period show is created by Gurinder Chadha, the creative mind behind Bend it Like Beckham and Viceroy's House.

When is Beecham House on TV

The show kicked off on June 23 at 9pm on ITV.

There will be a total of six episodes in the series, with episode two airing on June 24.

You can catch up with episodes you missed on the ITV Hub.

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