Inside EastEnders' Lacey Turner's quirky London home with funky rugs, huge white kitchen and her beloved dogs

EASTENDERS star Lacey Turner has given fans a glimpse inside her stunning London pad.

The 32-year-old actress – who is most well known for playing Stacey Slater in the BBC soap – shares her home with husband Matt Kay, their two kids and adorable pet dogs.

The couple welcomed Dusty Violet into the world back in July 2019 and Lacey gave birth to her second child last month.

Earlier today it was revealed that the couple picked out the name Trilby Fox for their baby boy.

Lacey's alter-ego – who has been on the hit show since 2004 – is famed for living in a house overflowing with distant relatives and a variety of children.

But thankfully her real-life couldn't be further from her onscreen counterpart and the star loves to regularly update fans with pictures of her gorgeous baby girl, which have given a sneak peek inside her home.

In one recent snap with Dusty, Lacey is seen sitting on the floor in her lavish living room, surrounded by a suede brown sofa and leopard print pillows.

In another one of their rooms they have a floral statement piece wall, huge vintage mirror and sliding doors that look out onto their gorgeous garden.

Lacey has also shown off Dusty's bedroom – which follows an all white colour scheme, matching rug and cuddly toys.

Comfort appears to be key for family, with many of her posts of her abode featuring funky rugs and cosy spots for the four to lounge around on.

In one picture, one of the dogs can be seen laying on a snazzy, patchwork rug with fringe detailing.

The huge carpet seemingly lays next to a similarly jazzy striped mat, which matches the patterned, knitted stools that can be seen in the background.

A swish blue sofa offers a spot for the humans to sit, with a rustic-look set of shelves holding two piles of books as well as a gold elephant ornament.

Lacey also has a rustic chest of drawers in her home, with the actress teasing a snap of herself and her dogs doing yoga on a mat by the back door.

On top of the dresser is a quirky lamp with a black lampshade, and a surprising skull ornament, which is interestingly placed beside a beautiful orange flower.

Elsewhere, a small table is place upon a quirky cow-hide rug.

Four mismatched chairs and stools are placed around the white table, which is adorned with a stunning bouquet of flowers.

In a separate photo, Lacey has proudly shared a photo of the quirky, patterned cabinet that appears to be placed beside the table.

The top of the cabinet is tastefully covered with oriental knick-knacks, including a purple teapot and multiple candles.

Above the cabinet hangs a framed photo of supermodel Twiggy, which has been edited so that the phrase "Real Deal" has been tattooed across her knuckles.

In another room, Lacey has a large fluffy, white rug that her dogs appear to enjoy snoozing on, with the gentle colouring of the piece perfectly coordinating with the room's white walls and bleached-wooden flooring.

Another enviable comfort feature, as modelled by two of Lacey's dogs, is a giant cushion placed beside a trendy exposed brick wall, with a lamp shining a spotlight onto the fleece-topped pillow.

And if that wasn't enough, there is another black, floral armchair with plump cushions to lounge on.

Lacey's home also features a huge, white kitchen – which she previously revealed played host to her nan's surprise 80th birthday party last year, with the counter tops covered with cake-stands and delicious treats.

Two low-hanging lights were also decorated with flowers for the occasion, with a sweet banner that read "80 years loved" hung over the swish, white cabinets.

Lacey has also given a sneak peek of her bedroom, specifically her neatly-organised shoe cupboard that keeps her dozens of pairs of shoes on display.

And it is not just the inside of Lacey's home that is both stunning and organised, with the star also sharing a glimpse of her beautiful garden in a photo that she posed to show off her new back tattoo.

Teasing a look at more funky rugs, Lacey has a more basic "home" doormat by her backdoor, which leads out to sleek decking, complete with a table and chairs, before a large patch of grass.

The garden is fenced off from her neighbours, and potted plants and vegetable patches line the fencing – and it appears that her dogs thoroughly enjoy soaking up the sunshine in the soil during summer.

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