Inside Charlotte Crosby's heartbreak holiday to Croatia after split with Liam Beaumont

CHARLOTTE Crosby jetted off to Croatia after breaking up with boyfriend Liam Beaumont.

The reality TV star had a series of furious bust ups with videographer Liam, before she kicked him out of her Newcastle mansion.

Heartbroken Charlotte decided to go on holiday to Croatia with her best friends to deal with her latest heartbreak.

Taking to Instagram, the 31-year-old shared a snap of herself posing in a black and white bikini against a green villa door.

She captioned it: "Not coming home btw."

Charlotte also shared videos on her Instagram Stories of her enjoying a day at a beach club with her pals.

They then watched the sunset and a meal, with Charlotte showing off a mint green bikini.

She also showed off her sensational figure in a beach post wearing a gorgeous turquoise bikini and penned: "SEAS the day 🙌🏼👀"

Another post of her with four friends on a yacht made it to her Instagram page, followed by some balcony shots featuring stunning sea views.

On Thursday, Charlotte posed on a beach bed in a beautiful floral bikini.

She is holding a pina colada cocktail in one hand and a slice of watermelon in the other.

Despite the raw break up with Liam, Charlotte captioned the post: "Happy place, happy face ☺️"

During a Q and A with her fans, Charlotte revealed the huge balcony in her suite with a private hot tub on her Instagram stories.

She captured her and her friends taking tequila shots with pineapple juice, as well as singing and dancing as the night went on.

The morning after, Charlotte told her followers: "When the camera went off last night, some really bad things happened. Like really bad. Undiscussable. I couldn't even discuss them."

She then snapped herself at the airport and she prepares to come back home to the UK.

Charlotte and Liam started dating in February last year.

A source said: “Charlotte and Liam are over – and she’s kicked him out of her house.

“They did seem like the perfect couple and after they met in February last year they were head-over-heels in love.

“But like so many other couples, their relationship was born – and evolved – during lockdown which meant they were always together and life was pretty easy.

“Now the world has opened up again and it's become pretty clear they are different people with different goals.

“Over the past few weeks they’ve had some pretty bitter rows and it all came to a head last week.

“Charlotte told Liam to pack his bags and he’s now moved out.

“She is being supported by her friends and family. Obviously no break up is easy but this one feels particularly tough because Charlotte and Liam had been so happy in their little bubble.”

The pair have unfollowed one another on the social media site.

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