I’m A Celeb’s Roman Kemp says he’s ‘happy to delete social media’ after ‘racist’ Twitter row – The Sun

ROMAN Kemp has revealed he would be happy to get rid of social media after being accused of racism in a Twitter row.

The I'm A Celebrity star took to Instagram over the weekend to apologise for writing abusive social media posts before heading to the jungle.

And it was soon revealed the radio DJ was branded "racist" in a deleted Twitter row over Korean pop group BTS.

But Roman has now admitted he would get rid of his social media channels for the show.

"I love this programme so much. I love it when it kicks off with the first show and you see Ant and Dec arrive," he said ahead of entering the jungle.

"I will be happy to get rid of social media but the thing I will miss most is speaking to my parents and my girlfriend."

Roman Kemp criticised BTS on the radio and then got in a row with fans

Roman was forced to apologise to BTS fans back in 2018 after he insulted their song on the radio.

He described their hit Idol as "that noise you were just hearing there".

Afterwards, 60 complaints were made to media watchdog Ofcom and Roman took to Twitter to interact with BTS fans – quickly becoming embroiled in an explosive row.

At the time, Roman hit back at fans who criticised him online but he has now deleted his responses before joining the I'm A Celeb lineup.

One Twitter user tweeted Roman: "You mean to say, it’s alright to be racist towards other languages? I don’t think it’s 'normal'."

Another fan of BTS wrote: "This fandom has been professional! We are open for criticism of their music.

"We understand that not all people will like BTS, but being xenophobic and racist is not acceptable in this society."

Another fan tweeted Roman's famous dad Martin Kemp: "Hi sir, last year your son made a bunch of racist comments on air about the Korean language, comparing it to 'construction noises'.

"I hope you've since taught him better because honestly it was embarrassing to hear that from a grown adult in 2018. Thanks xx."

On the weekend Roman apologised for writing abusive social media posts and decided to explain his past after Jack Maynard was kicked off I'm A Celebrity in 2017 for historic racist and homophobic tweets.

Apparently keen to avoid a repeat of Jack's short lived I'm A Celeb fame, Roman has wisely got in front of the problem.

He trawled his own Twitter account to see if he had ever "posted anything that could cause harm or offence to someone".

And Roman admitted he did find things that he's "not at all proud of".

He added: "Being totally honest, I’m shocked and appalled and ashamed to say I did find things."

"I did find things I’m not at all proud of. I don’t associate myself with that. I know the person who wrote those things is not the man I am now, but they were there.

"I made the conscious decision to get those things, I have deleted those things, I don’t want that negativity in the world," he said.

"I don’t want the legacy I have on the internet to be a place where there is negativity, or something that can cause offence.

"For anyone that has ever been offended by something I have said online, I am truly, deeply and utterly sorry.

"Going forward, I want to be that good social media user that spreads happiness about humans, not negativity.

"I hope that you watching this want to do the same. Together, let’s make the internet a bit of a better place."

In 2017 Ant and Dec shocked viewers by saying Jack had left the jungle at the start of that night's show.

It emerged that as well as the racist and homophobic tweets Jack had sent he had also begged a 14-year-old fan to send him nude pictures.

According to the Mirror Online, the YouTube sensation, 23, told her that her "boobs are so nice" and "would look good in a bra shot" but later branded her a "bore" and "ugly freak", when she refused to share pictures.

The messages were reportedly sent from Jack's Facebook account in December 2011, when he was 17.

Speaking about the incident, the girl, now 20, said: "He was 16, I was 14. It was something that happens to everyone.

"I never once felt harassed. We were kids, it's not once harmed me at all in any way. It’s in the past. It is a serious allegation to make, but you’re a kid, you make mistakes.

"He didn’t know how old I was, and I didn’t know how old he was at the time. I cannot stress enough that the messages were harmless."

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