Im A Celebs David and Adam dont get letters from home after tricky challenge

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! stars David Ginola and Adam Woodyatt sadly didn’t receive their letters from home during Monday 6 December's instalment of the ITV reality show.

Footballer David, 54, who recently left Louise Minchin red-faced when he took his top off to moisturise in camp, and former EastEnders actor Adam, 53, were unfortunately missed out after an incredibly difficult wi-fi-themed challenge.

The campmates all knew they could win each other's letters from home in the challenge, and were ordered to form pairs.

They received calls from Kiosk Cledwyn throughout the day with each pair taking it in turns to hear and learn a six-digit code made up of letters, symbols and numbers.

Campmates were tasked with remembering the code they were given and they would award their partner with their letter if they inputted it into the computer correctly when the time came.

Unfortunately, if the code was entered incorrectly three times their partner would go without their notes from loved ones.

While Adam said he didn’t want to be anyone’s pair at first, he began to consider his own skill as an actor and gave his campmates the idea of associating their letters and numbers with other things – such as 66 for the World Cup.

“Without a doubt, any of the actors should do better in that challenge because we’re used to learning scripts,” the actor shared in the Telegraph. “We’ve got very, very good short-term memories. But what you can’t take away from that challenge is the pressure because you’re doing it for someone else.”

“I’ll kick myself if I can’t remember six [things],” sports star David then admitted.

Unfortunately, Adam’s partner and Olympic athlete Kadeena Cox, 30, started crying when she got his code incorrect.

While the soap star acknowledged how devastated she had been, he insisted losing out on a letter from home was “fine” and he completely understood Kadeena just wanted to do her best for him.

Sadly, despite David getting the code correct for new dad Danny Miller, 30, who said the feeling was “indescribable”, the Emmerdale star couldn’t return the favour.

After getting the first and seconds attempts wrong, Danny asked someone else to press the send button for him on the third try.

Danny sobbed after getting it wrong again, and later admitted he felt “gutted” and “so selfish” he hadn’t been able to remember David’s code.

“I was so confident with it, I was literally so confident,” the puzzled star shook his head. “I don’t know how I got an 'A' mixed up with an underscore. It doesn’t make sense.”

But ever the camp support, David encouraged his friend and told Danny to look into his eyes as he told him: “I don’t need to read a letter to know that my girlfriend loves me, OK?” The footballer insisted: “Listen. It’s fine. I promise you.“

“It’s absolutely fine. I don’t want to see you in that state,” he added.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues every night at 9pm on ITV.

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