How to Watch '1000-lb Sisters' If You Don't Have Cable

1000-lb Sisters Season 3 will be here before you know it. The new season premieres on Nov. 15 on TLC. If you don’t have the channel, don’t worry, there are still ways to watch the show. And even if you want to binge seasons 1 and 2 before the new season comes out, there are still ways to access the old episodes as well. Here’s how to watch 1000-lb Sisters without cable.

How to watch ‘1000-lb Sisters’

Everytime a new season of a show comes out, many fans decide to rewatch the previous seasons. But sometimes it can be difficult to find them. For instance, if you want to rewatch 1000-lb Sisters Season 1, you can go to Hulu, but season 2 may be more difficult to find. If you want to watch season 2 on Hulu, you have to subscribe to their Live TV add-on. You can also purchase a subscription to the TLC app and watch all of the seasons directly through TLC. The discovery+ app also has episodes you can watch through their streaming platform.

Fans give advice on how to watch ‘1000-lb Sisters’

Besides the normal routes, fans have been giving suggestions on how to catch up with Amy and Tammy Slaton before Nov. 15.

“You can get Philo,” one user suggested on Reddit. “It’s about $25 and has all the Discovery channels (Food Network, TLC, ID, etc). Plus and this is a huge selling point for me, you can DVR shows for no extra cost. Plus watch all seasons of any show (Like ‘1000 lb Sisters’). Plus get access to all apps like ID, TLC, Lifetime, etc. It has Nick, TV Land, lifetime, IFC, etc, etc, etc. I love it. Just a suggestion.”

“I think on some of the streaming apps you can get a week (or more) for free,” another person said. “Maybe try a free week of TLC and binge-watch it? I didn’t even know it was on Hulu had any seasons. I wish I knew before bc I just rewatched it on the TLC app and there’s sooooo many ads.”

“I dropped Hulu when they reduced the amount of shows they had previously and went to discovery+,” another person said. “I’m not sure if you need cable for that since I do have cable. Since I detest commercials, I went with the $11.95 (?) plan and I positively love it! They have a TON of shows including ‘1,000 lb Sisters’ and ALL episodes of ‘My 600 lb Life,’ plus all the mystery and murder shows you could want. Well worth the money each month!”

Some people even suggested going to Amy’s YouTube channel and watching her videos from the beginning to get even more background before season 3.

What is going to happen on season 3

According to the synopsis for season 3, this is going to be a tough one for both Amy and Tammy. This season, Tammy checks herself into a rehab facility to address her food addiction. In the midst of trying to lose weight, she starts a relationship with a man who says he only likes women 300 lbs and above, which worries the rest of Tammy’s family.

New mom Amy, will also struggle this season as she tries to balance mothering her son Gage and losing weight to get healthy.

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