How many episodes are in Married At First Sight Australia season 6?

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Married At First Sight Australia is a popular reality series which sees singletons tie the knot before they have had a chance to meet. Season six originally aired in 2019 and it has finally made its way to the UK, so fans have been catching up. has all you need to know about how many episodes are in MAFSA season six.

How many episodes are in MAFSA season 6?

Married At First Sight Australia season six first arrived in the UK at the start of 2021 and 12 couples featured as part of the season.

The sixth instalment originally aired in January 2019 and it came to an end in April of that year.

Fans in the UK have seen the couples meet for the first time, exchange vows and go on their honeymoons.

They must also move in together and meet each other’s families before making a final decision on whether they wish to remain together.

There was plenty of drama and scandal from the outset, including affairs and harsh exchanges.

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The episodes have been airing on E4 from Monday to Friday each week, and they are available on ALL 4.

Season six is made up of 41 episodes, so there is still plenty left to come for fans to enjoy.

As of the time of writing, a total of 17 episodes have aired with episode 18 due to air tonight (January 27).

Tonight’s episode will provide an exciting twist as two new couples will be added to the experiment.

Fans will be keen to find out who these couples are and whether they have the potential to stay together.

For viewers in the UK, the series is expected to continue airing on weekdays up until mid-February.

The season reunion finale is split into two parts, which will air on consecutive days.

In the finale episodes, the couples will return to speak to the panel of experts one last time.

They will get to look back at some never-before-seen footage and discuss their actions and decisions throughout the experiment.

This acts as the perfect opportunity for individuals to confront their partners, so expect plenty of drama.

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Fans have already seen a couple of fights during the dinner parties, which act as an opportunity for individuals to raise any issues.

For those who have already been looking for MAFSA spoilers, they would have seen only two couples are still in relationships with each other.

Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant, who were the first couple to marry, decided to tie the knot in real life and they now have a son together.

Martha Kalifatidis is also still in a relationship with her ‘husband’ Michael Brunelli and they are very supportive of each other.

The premise of the series has become so popular that it has inspired spin-offs in the UK, American and elsewhere.

The idea came from a Danish version of the series, in which the couples are legally married before they have a chance to meet in person.

Viewers have taken to Twitter to discuss season six of the Australian version, with one saying: “I can’t deal with series that I’m up to date on.

“I can’t even wait a day to see the next ep of Married At First Sight Australia, it’s so addictive I am living for the drama.”

Another fan said: “My whole life has basically been taken over by Married At First Sight Australia now.”

A third viewer said: “Married At First Sight Australia is the most addictive show ever and I have watched every reality tv show there is.”

Married At First Sight Australia airs on E4

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