‘Hope the government doesn’t weaken’ Farage skewers ‘PR game player’ Begum’s GMB plea

GMB: Viewers say Shamima Begum should be left to 'rot'

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Nigel Farage, 57, hosted his segment on GB News on Wednesday evening and was keen to discuss the recent interview of 22-year-old Shamima Begum on Good Morning Britain. After she claimed she was asking British people to forgive her for her mistakes, Farage fumed that she was “playing the game” and accused her of dressing like national hero Emma Raducanu in a bid to appeal to ITV viewers.

Farage began: “She may have been 15 when she went over and joined ISIS, but she was over voting age when she made those appalling comments about what happened at the Manchester Arena.

“But it’s interesting, isn’t it, she’s completely dressed differently, no longer in Islamic dress now almost mimicking Emma Raducanu, the winner of the US Open at the weekend.

“And I suppose from a PR perspective she’s playing the game well I hope the government doesn’t weaken,” he remarked.

Farage’s comments came after Begum appeared on Good Morning Britain and was grilled by Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid about why she should be allowed back in the UK.

“Do you think there is any chance you will come back to these shores again?” Madeley asked.

Begum replied: “I think maybe yes there is a chance given the right opportunity.”

Madeley continued: “Are you asking the British people to forgive you?”

“I am asking the British people to forgive me because I made a mistake at a very young age,” she explained.

“Most young people don’t know what they want to do with their lives, and they are very confused and can easily fall into things like this.

“I should not have been making comments that I did not know about,” she ended. 

Farage’s statements on Begum’s interview certainly divided GB NEws fans at home,

Paul Nelson wrote: “She is a British citizen and should be allowed back as she went there as a child, even if it means some sort of justice.

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“Just like all the ex-squaddies who have come back after fighting for the Kurds and others.”

Another user, Paul Sibert, wrote: “She is British born, she was radicalised as a teenaged on our watch, she is our problem.

“What b****y right do we have to palm her off on the Kurds or the Bangladeshis? It’s not about her rights, it’s about our responsibilities.”

However, GB host Dan Wootton sided with Farage as he also gave his opinion on Begum’s interview by stating: “Now it’s impossible that Shamima Begam was telling the truth on Good Morning Britain today.

“The woman who once defended the revolting ISIS terror attack on the Manchester Arena as justified, remember that now claims she hadn’t even heard of it.

“And she only made her egregious comments because she was afraid of reprisals from fellow women inside her Syrian refugee camp.

“I backed the government decision at the time to strip Begum of her British citizenship, I stand by that.

“To me, Begum stands as a lesson to wannabe terrorists considering attacking the UK that it’s a decision with forever consequences,” he explained.

Agreeing with Wootton’s statement, Fei on Twitter wrote: “It’s all an act, and she shouldn’t be brought back if we can prevent it.”

Clare Sturgeon also commented: “She’s made her bed let her lie in it! #GBNews.”

Farage airs at 7pm Monday to Thursday on GB News.
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