Homes under the Hammer's Martin Roberts reveals horror encounter with GHOST in haunted house

HOMES Under the Hammer presenter Martin Roberts revealed to fans that he has had two chilling encounters during his eighteen years on the show.

The property expert, 57, told of a terrifying experience in a haunted house that made it clear that his team were not welcome on the property.

The revelation came after a fan took part in #AskMartinMonday on Twitter and asked the BBC presenter: "Have you ever been to a haunted house on HUTH? Or felt like a house was haunted."

Martin responded to the tweet, saying: "Yes, I think on two occasions in 18 years.

"In one, the previous owner who had passed away and was obsessed by security, there were loads of CCTV cameras all over the place. Clearly wasn't at all happy we were there."

The Homes Under the Hammer presenter had previously divulged more information on this particularly spooky encounter.

In March this year he told super fan Mo Gilligan: "The house was spooky, it had ivy coming in through the windows and obviously hadn't been lived in for a while.

"It had all these security cameras everywhere and it turns out the guy who lived there was a bit of a Howard Hughes type of character and obviously he didn't like the idea of us being there in his house."

Martin was referring to the American business magnate and investor Howard Hughes who became known for his eccentric behavior and reclusive lifestyle.

Martin shared that things took a sinister turn when a light bulb suddenly dropped from the celling lamp as they were filming an interview.

"He had died in the house and half way through the interview with the new owners – I'm not joking – there was a pendant light on the ceiling and the bulb dropped off.

"But instead of falling directly underneath it, it landed three feet away."

Mo gasped in shock as the presenter continued: "It fell sideways!

"We finished that interview very quickly!"

Homes Under the Hammer airs weekdays at 10am on BBC One.

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