Hollyoaks trailer reveals 12 spoilers including death, horror stunt and kidnap

There’s a party atmosphere in the Hollyoaks summer trailer with sizzling passion, a festival and partying teens enjoying music, holiday romances and the sunshine. But running through it all is death, devastation and deceit – with Breda McQueen (Moya Brady) claiming her next murder victim, a terrible crash spelling a potential end for rapist Laurie Shelby (Kyle Pryor) and Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) preparing to kidnap her twins back from Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas).

Even an event that is meant to be filled with joy looks set to be ripped apart as Maxine Minniver’s (Nikki Sanderson) shocking illness lies look set to be exposed while it’s make or break for James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan) and Harry Thompson (Parry Glasspool).

Here are 12 massive spoilers we picked out of a very chaotic trailer. It’s an unmissable summer ahead!

A body is discovered – and Breda is exposed?

Dark deeds can’t stay buried forever and Breda’s face is a picture when a corpse resurfaces. But which of her victims is about to come back to haunt her – and will the finger of blame point to her? Certain people are certainly seeing her darker side as Darren is taken aback by her ferociousness and Joel gets a shock when she makes a confession in church.

Harry tries to clear his name

Harry is desperate to clear his name but has to face the fact that he might have to flee the village to save himself. As he begs Mercedes to come clean about the truth of the crash, she refuses and Harry begs Tony for his support. But his options are running out and the police are closing in – and Liam will do anything to keep his and Mercedes’ secret safe.

Sinead is not free from Laurie

Sinead has been through a lot this year and she is ready to start afresh with Sami and put her horrific marriage to Laurie behind her. But as she enjoys clubbing, kissing and dancing with her new love interest, a cell door is unlocked and Laurie looms – on the cusp of causing more agony.

Passion for Goldie and Joel

Goldie and Joel will enjoy a summer romance but he will soon have some choices to make – given that Goldie is unlikely to stick around for very long if they can never have sex. And, when the romance comes to light, how will Cleo feel about it? As she is over her ex as she makes out?

Breda kills again

We see Breda declaring to a victim that she has dealt with men like them before and it seems like she lashes out not once, but twice this summer. Is the body count about to climb to a staggering nine as she eyes up victims including Darren, Tony, Liam and Mercedes? Not everyone is going to survive the summer as Breda does ‘God’s work’.

James has to fight for Harry

With Harry preparing to leave the village to save himself – and him also growing close again to Ste and sharing a kiss with him – James knows that he could lose Harry, especially after drugging him. Marnie urges him to fight for the man he loves – before it’s too late. But is this the end of the road for #Jarry.

Maxine’s wedding in crisis

Maxine is excited for the biggest day of her life but despite being caught and diagnosed by Levi, she steps up her lies and tells a devastated Damon that she has six months to live. However, as she walks down the aisle, she is conscious that Sienna has discovered the truth too – and could be on the cusp of destroying the wedding.

Sienna kidnaps the twins

After becoming convinced that she has found her twins who are with an au pair, Sienna sets up a daring plan to kidnap them back from Warren. As she dons a wig and puts her shock plot into action, is it about to spectacularly backfire? And will Warren return for revenge?

Summer lovin’

The youths are in a party mood and as Tom leads a local rave project for children, Peri and Prince are swept up by the atmosphere and are soon caught sharing a kiss. Meanwhile, a group of youngsters head to a music festival and there are grins all round – but who does Juliet have her eye on? And can Brooke cope as she becomes overwhelmed?

Cleo insecure

Mitchell and Cleo’s romance has been growing from strength to strength but she is not happy when she finds out that he is still stripping – although Marnie is not complaining when she gets an eyeful. As Cleo becomes insecure, can Mitchell persuade her that he only has eyes for her?

Mercedes chooses

Despite having the Adonis that is Sylver in her arms and seeing his bond with Bobby, Mercedes just can’t resist Liam and as they get rather close, Sylver is on the brink of catching them. And even if he doesn’t, everyone’s favourite killer granny knows what’s going on – so this can’t end well.

Crash horror

As Laurie is transported in a prison van with Finn, Diane’s son introduces himself as Sinead’s brother and launches a vicious attack on Laurie. As the trailer reached its dramatic end, we could hear the sounds of a huge crash – which fits in with what Metro.co.uk exclusively revealed about an upcoming stunt…

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